Heitkamp Planetarium schedule for 2013-2014 academic year

Friday, September 27
“IceCube: Defining the Past”
Have you ever wondered how the universe was created or what its beginnings looked like? Scientists have been considering this for some time and have detected a tiny particle deep in the ice of Antarctica that could assist with our understanding. Join us as we discuss models for the creation of the universe, who found this mysterious particle and how it is changing history as we know it.
Presenters: Aly Riedl and Janak Panthi

Friday, October 11 (Homecoming)
“A Manned Mission to Mars”
20th July 1969, Manned mission to Moon first lands; 7th March 2009 Kepler space telescope launched; 26th November 2011 rover Curiosity launched to Mars… what is next? Loras College alum and former NASA employee Jeff Heitzman returns to campus to discuss recent proposals under study by NASA involving a ‘Feasibility Analysis’ for a Manned Mars Mission in 2018. Presenters: Jeff Heitzman, Dolina Maharjan and Jason Painter

Friday, November 1 (Family Weekend)
“Diversity in the Winter Sky”
Throughout history, ancient people envisioned cultural and religious significance to stars and constellations. Mythological stories tell us much about these early beliefs of the history of the cosmos. Join us as we connect the different constellations in our winter night sky with the cultures whose mythologies have been passed down for thousands of years.
Presenters: Tony Gates and Dolina Maharjan

Friday, December 6
“The Christmas Star”
The Heitkamp Planetarium will look back in history to examine possible celestial events that could have produced the object in the sky signifying ‘The Star of Bethlehem’.
Presenters: Jeffry Breitbach and Teage Marie Browning

Friday, February 21 (Sibling Weekend)
“UFO – no longer unidentified”
Since the early 19th century, sightings of strange objects have been reported by people around the world. Are there extra-terrestrial beings visiting us or is it just a paranormal belief that people like to pursue? If beings have visited Earth, then the incredible distances traversed would imply incredible speeds. The Heitkamp Planetarium will address the multitude of issues surrounding UFOs.
Presenters: Dolina Maharjan, Jason Painter and Janak Panthi

Friday, March 21
“Black Holes Don’t Suck”
The Heitkamp Planetarium will explore the genesis of black holes from the death throes of massive stars as well as more exotic mechanisms that might have generated the super-massive black holes at the center of galaxies. We will discuss the evidence for the existence of black holes and the attempts to observe the orbiting material around such concentrated gravitational centers.
Presenters: Aly Riedl and Jason Painter

Friday, April 25
“Journey to the Edge of the Universe
The Universe is beautiful, mysterious, exciting and humbling because of its size! Join us as we take a journey towards the deepest reaches of the Universe to explore details of the celestial bodies that are light years far away…
Presenters: Crasun Jans, Teage Marie Browning & Jason Painter

Friday, May 9
“Diversity in the Summer Sky”
The night sky has been studied by people around the world for thousands of years as a tool for navigation or stories that reflect a parable. Mythological stories tell us much about their lives and their early beliefs about the history of the cosmos. Join us as we connect the different constellations in our summer night sky with different cultures whose mythologies have been passed down for thousands of years.
Presenters: Dolina Maharjan and Janak Panthi
All shows begin promptly at 7:00 pm. The Heitkamp Planetarium is pleased to schedule age-appropriate shows for school groups and scout organizations; contact Ms. Colleen Fitzpatrick at colleen.fitzpatrick@loras.edu, or 563-588-7145 for information and scheduling.
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