Mathematics & Computer Science Scholarships

Program Scholarships

The Mathematics and Computer Science Program offers several awards and scholarships annually to students taking classes in the department. Some are available only to students majoring in Mathematics or Computer Science, while others are available to first-year students, regardless of their intended major. Winners are selected by the faculty in the Department and are presented with their awards at a ceremony each spring.

Mathematics Awards and Scholarships
  • First Year Mathematics Award, awarded since 1980
Recent winners have received $100 and a certificate, in addition to the coveted handshake from the program chairperson. Candidates must be first-year students, nominated by a program faculty member. Each nominee is asked to submit a ``mathematical autobiography'' and the winner(s) are chosen by department vote. Winners' names are proudly displayed on nameplates near the main entrance of Hennessy Hall.
Past winners include: Megan Backer, 2003; Brendan Dunn and Mark Schmidt, 2002; Marcus Murphy, 2001; Sara Wieland and Melissa Butler, 2000; Amanda Toale, 1999; Karen Wiebel, 1998.
  • Droessler Scholarship, awarded since 1994
A scholarship in the amount of $2000 is awarded annually from the endowment graciously provided by Dr. Earl Droessler, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences at North Carolina State University. Dr. Droessler is a 1942 graduate of Loras College.

A candidate for this scholarship must have either junior or senior standing, have declared a mathematics major, and have a minimum 3.0 GPA in all courses. Strong candidates will have shown creativity and devotion to their study of mathematics and to the liberal arts in general, and be involved in extracurricular activities. Candidates are nominated by program faculty members and winners are selected by a vote of the program faculty.

Past winners include: Jonas Meyer, Mathematics major, 2003; Sara Wieland, Mathematics and Computer Science major, 2002; Michelle Wonderly, Mathematics secondary Education major, 2001; Sarah Parks, Mathematics and Physics double major, 2000; Tom Klein, 1999; Lola Deutmeyer, 1998.
  • Sullivan Applied Mathematics and Science Award, awarded since 2001
Recipients receive $500. The Sullivan award is intended to reward, as well as provide further motivation for female majors in Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, or Engineering. Candidates for this annual award must maintain a 3.5 GPA and have demonstrated quality course selection in the pursuit of a liberal arts education.
Past winners include: Jen Wernimont, 2003; Laura Becker, 2001.
  • Father Louis Ernsdorff Senior Math Award, awarded since 1980
Winners of the award receive $100 and a certificate, as well as a nameplate engraved in their honor in Hennessy Hall. Candidates for this award must be graduating seniors, nominated by a program faculty member. The winner is then selected by a vote of the department faculty.

Past winners include: Sara Wieland, 2003; Michelle Wonderly, 2002; Valerie Noonan, 2001; Mary Beth Henkenius (Mathematics Secondary Education), 2000; Thomas Klein and Lola Deutmeyer, 1999; Troy Thiele, 1998.

Computer Science Awards and Scholarships
  • McKesson HBOC Scholarship, awarded since 1999
Two $1000 scholarships are awarded annually. Candidates must be in their final year of study in Computer Science or Management Information Systems (MIS). Eligible candidates usually apply in April of each year and are required to submit a current transcript and an essay regarding their qualifications. A successful candidate will have excelled academically, have been involved in extracurricular activities, and have demonstrated financial need. The recipients are chosen by representatives of McKesson HBOC together with Accounting and Business, and Mathematics and Computer Science Program.

Past winners include: Sara Wieland, 2003; Deanna Ernzen, 2002: Angela Starkey (CS), 2001; Theodore Swanson (CS) and Curtis Kuhn (MIS), 2000; Kevin Klemke and Erik Sterud, 1999.
  • Computer Science Alumni Award, awarded since 1986
Candidates must be graduating seniors and be nominated by a faculty member teaching a Computer Science course. Each candidate is asked to submit an essay detailing how they plan to use their experience in the future. The winner is selected by faculty vote. Recently, winners have garnered $100, a certificate, and have had their name engraved and displayed in Hennessy Hall.

Past winners include: Sara Wieland, 2003; Deanna Ernzen, 2002; Angela Starkey (CS), 2001; Theodore Swanson, 2000; Geoff Stankevitz, 1999; Jerre Collins, 1998.
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