APRIL 30, 2014

Thank you to everyone for making this event successful!

Dear Loras College Community,

We would like to thank each of you—faculty, staff, students, and beyond—for your efforts to make this inaugural Legacy Symposium a success.

Dr. Cheryl Jacobsen has been a great supporter of the Legacy Symposium, as has President Jim Collins, the Board of Regents, and the entire administrative team. Your enthusiasm for this event highlights your commitment to quality education and meeting the academic needs of students. We are grateful for your guidance.

The Loras College staff and faculty have made this day a success. Planning and executing the day took a great deal of coordination and involvement from individuals, offices, and committees across campus too numerous to name. We thank you for the considerable time and work to make this idea a reality.

Of course, the daily efforts of faculty and staff who interact with students cannot be overstated. The time you spend talking with, encouraging, and challenging students has helped produce the scholarly and creative works we see today. Our students are better thinkers, better scholars, and better people because of your work. We appreciate all you do for our students and our College.

Students – we thank you for your hard work, determination, and dedication. The journey you took to create your work was likely filled with as much frustration and confusion as it was with progress and excitement, but you stuck with it. Your enthusiasm for your discipline and dedication to learning inspires us and motivates us.

Finally, we thank Msgr. Barta for his contributions to the College over the years and for his support of faculty and student scholarship. His example is humbling and inspiring.

Dr. Kate Cooper, Dr. Lisa Garoutte, Dr. Aditi Sinha and Dr. Erin VanLaningham
The Legacy Planning Committee


What is the Legacy Symposium? The Legacy Symposium is an all day celebration of academic and creative work at Loras College, featuring presentations of student research, service presentations, and creative performance.

Who can present at the Symposium? All current Loras students and faculty.

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