Live Local. Love Loras.

This spring, Loras students that graduated from area high schools got together to share what makes Loras College so special to them and found out that there are quite a few local Duhawks that are passionate about Doing a lot of Duhawkin’!  From being close to home to getting to travel all over the world, the general consensus among our local Duhawks is that Loras College is as close, or as far as  you want it to be from your home, and that Loras creates a special sense of community that isn’t found most places, especially not at any big school.

From this passion shared by our local students, a local recruitment campaign emerged to recruit other local high school students, featuring Loras College students that came from 10 area high schools.  They are telling their Loras story on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat, and visiting their alma mater high schools to share their experiences as Duhawks.  This initiative has been a great boost for Loras as we continue to work to attract the class of 2020!

Visit our Live Local. Love Loras page for additional video and student testimonials.