Loras College receives $20,000 to support internship program

The Dr. Scholl Foundation recently awarded Loras College a $20,000 grant in support of the Dr. Scholl Internship Away Scholarship program. The scholarships help fund students who otherwise couldn’t afford to participate in internships away from home or campus. This is the seventh year the foundation has funded such internships with support for Loras currently totaling $160,000.

“The scholarship allowed me to make the most of the experience,” said Jocelyn “JP” Awe, a senior at Loras who recently interned as a strength and conditioning coach at the University of Minnesota. “I was able to focus on the internship along with time to do extra tasks such as reading and research for the coaches outside of the work site, while not having to worry so much about finances.”

Through the internship Awe benefitted from training all 17 University of Minnesota Division I teams, including Olympic-level athletes, and studying with 12 different strength coaches.

“The internship really pushed me forward and I’ve grown a lot from it…becoming more well-rounded,” Awe said.

Such internships allow students like Awe to gain valuable work experience that helps them stand out when applying for positions after graduation. With internships not only in Dubuque but also across the country and around the world, students apply their classroom education to professional settings.

National statistics indicate that students who intern tend to stay in college and are employed post-graduation at a higher rate than those who don’t intern. Without the financial assistance provided by the Dr. Scholl Internship Away Scholarship and the recently funded 2015-2018 Great Lakes Career Ready Internship program, such hands-on learning might not be possible for many students.

Students who receive the scholarship are selected through an application process that includes demonstration of financial need and an already-awarded internship opportunity. The scholarships help students with the cost of housing, transportation and food. Through previous grants from Dr. Scholl, Loras students have participated in internships that include sites in Chicago, Disney World, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and Washington D.C.

Dr. William Scholl, behind Scholl Manufacturing Company, dedicated his life to changing the world through charitable means and established the foundation in his namesake in 1947.

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