2020-21 Senior Awards and
Recognition Convocation

March 24, 2021

2020-21 Senior Awards and Recognition Convocation

Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Susan Crook


Blessing and Welcome Message
  • Associate Professor of Practical Theology & Budde Teaching Award Winner: Dr. Amanda Osheim
Francis J. Noonan School of Business
  • Al Schramm Outstanding Sport Management Major of the Year Award: Sawyer Marquardt
Division of Communication and Fine Arts
  • Heidi Anne Honkamp-Myhre Memorial Scholarship: Anna Sulentic, Elizabeth Ganion, & Morgan Minear, Carter Lee
  • Stribling Theatre Arts Scholarship: Amelia Foley
  • Lucella and James Murphy Scholarship: Alyssa Smith
  • Dr. Robert F. & Rosemary Cronin Communication Arts Award: Jonathan Quinn
Division of Language and Literature
  • Bauerly-Roseliep Scholarship: Sarah Landerholm
  • Frank Lehner Teaching Award: Catherine Seng
Division of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science
  • Sullivan Applied Mathematics/Science Scholarship: Emma Woelfel
  • Earl G. Droessler Math Scholarship: Brynn Jacobi and Meghann Long
Division of Molecular, Life and Health Sciences
  • Nicholas and Nita Stanek Scholarship: Connor McGarry
  • John “Doc” Kammer Outstanding Athletic Training Major of the Year Award: Madeline Smith
  • David J. Holmberg (’72) Science Scholarship: Wah Wah Lwin and Brynn Jacobi
Division of Philosophical, Religious, Theological, Social and Cultural Studies
  • Professor William Green Senior History Award: Amelia Foley
  • Auge-White Scholarship: Courtney Knight and Conor Kelly
  • Father Cody Eckstein Award: Haleigh Bries
Division of Teacher Education and Behavioral Sciences
  • Elementary Education Student of the Year: Rachel Krein
  • Instructional Strategist Student of the Year: Carlin McNulty
  • Secondary Education Student of the Year: Sarah Zellmann
  • Lawrence and Kimberly Kudej Scholarship: Elainna Simpson
  • Social Work – Jane Addams Award: Leah Hood
Spiritual Life and Peace and Justice
  • Slepicka Family Scholarship: Alyssa Corkery
  • Student Development
  • Senior Student Leader of the Year: Jonathan Quinn
General Academic Awards
  • Roger Rechenmacher Memorial Scholarship for Creativity: Morgan Minear
  • Faculty-Staff Scholarship Finalists: Madison Brewster, Mallory Gardiner, Rebecca Nonnenmann
Civic Leaders Program
  • Maria Maloney
Honors Degrees
  • Bailey Baldauf
  • Elena Denton
  • Madison Doubek
  • Kristen Fanella
  • Molly Flanagan
  • Amelia Foley
  • Audrey Hinz
  • Shane Holsclaw
  • Kylie Holubar
  • Hannah Insko
  • Courtney Knight
  • Malycki Manon-Sosa
  • Connor McGarry
  • Riley Martin
  • Jacqueline Petersen
  • Jonathan Quinn
  • Sarah Shafer
  • Elainna Simpson
  • Madeline Smith
  • Emma Woefel
  • Sarah Zellmann
Breitbach Catholic Thinkers and Leaders
  • Nathalia Bernal
  • Haleigh Bries
  • Kiera Cabrera
  • Alyssa Corkery
  • Daniel Feldhake
  • Olivia Flanagan
  • Jacob Heidenreich
  • Catherine Klostermann
  • Rachel Krein
  • Anna Loes
  • Samuel Martin
  • Nash Reicks
  • Madeline Tomecek
Delta Epsilon Sigma National Honor Society
  • Juan Jose Arias-Mondragon
  • Tyler Frost
  • Alexia Gruhn
  • Audrey K. Hinz
  • Kylie Holubar
  • Catherine D. Klostermann
  • Brianna M. Kramer
  • Sarah Landerholm
  • Riley J. Martin
  • Samuel H. Martin
  • Connor M. McGarry
  • Emma N. McLaughlin
  • Sarah J. Pugh
  • Shae Slaven
  • Madeline R. Smith
  • Danielle A. Waldbillig
  • Emma M. Woelfel
Recognition of Academic Dean’s Top Twenty
Presented by: Donna Heald, Ph.D., Academic Dean and Provost
  • Katie Carpenter
  • Aaron Dvorak
  • Anna Folliard
  • Tyler Frost
  • Alexia Gruhn
  • Jacob Heidenreich
  • Audrey Hinz
  • Megan Jackson
  • Brianna Kramer
  • Sarah Landerholm
  • Maria Maloney
  • Riley Martin
  • Connor McGarry
  • Abby Moore
  • Dalton Oberfoell
  • Shae Slaven
  • Madeline Smith
  • Danielle Waldbillig
  • Lukas Wilke
  • Emma Woelfel


A special thank you to the generous benefactors who have made many of the recognized scholarships and awards possible. Your dedication to Loras students in providing a foundation for our future leaders to succeed. We are grateful for your continued support and assistance in the Loras College Senior Student Awards and Recognition Convocation.


We wish to express our gratitude to: The Office of Institutional Advancement, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Trent Hanselmann, and Kris Dolan.