Diversity Statement

We, the Loras College community, strive to embody social, intellectual, and cultural hospitality in which multiple points of view can be expressed and explored in civil discourse.1

We proclaim this vision as an institution rooted in the Catholic tradition, which centers its moral vision of society on human dignity.2 All human persons have inherent dignity because all are created in the image of God;3 thus we act to treat all persons with respect.4

We aspire to be a society grounded in truth, justice, charity, and freedom.5 As neighbors in solidarity with one another, we work for fair treatment of all persons.6

We desire to live out our conviction that authentic unity is rooted in and springs forth from our diversity and therefore strive to create opportunities to embrace and build active community relationships in which all individuals may flourish.7

We intend the expression of our diversity ideals to be fluid and constantly evolving. As a result of our continued engagement with these values, our lived experience of diversity is not static, but a dynamic and living testament to human dignity.8

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Loras College is an inclusive community of individuals from many backgrounds and experiences.

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