Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

The Loras College community affirms the goodness of creation and the special place that human beings have within the natural order here on earth. We recognize that from these beliefs flow certain serious obligations to all of God’s creatures, both human and non-human, living and non-living. Accordingly, the Loras faculty, staff, students shall bear witness to careful, thorough, lasting, and sustainable stewardship of all creation, for the sake of present and future generations and for the common good, by:

  • Conserving and using sustainably the natural resources entrusted to them
  • Purchasing and utilizing recyclable, recycled, reusable, and renewable materials and supplies
  • Consuming energy efficiently and expanding the use of renewable energy
  • Maintaining a comprehensive recycling program which includes recycling and re-use of resources
  • Properly handling and disposing of all waste materials
  • Preparing and serving wholesome food in an environmentally conscious way
  • Promoting environmental awareness within the Loras community

12 Sustainable Principles

Loras College supports, endorses and is adopting the City of Dubuque’s key sustainable principles to address sustainability, as they relate to the Dubuque sustainability model of Economic Prosperity, Environmental Integrity and Social/Cultural Vibrancy. Loras College is taking this model and incorporating its own sustainability activities to provide a consistent message as part of our commitment to this critical community initiative.