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Enhanced Program, Autism Specific Program & Accommodations

Loras recognizes the dignity of persons with disabilities and challenges them to grow in our supportive environment while developing the skills associated with active learners, reflective thinkers, ethical decision makers and responsible contributors. The Lynch Disability Resource & Cultural Center offers three levels of service for students with diagnosed disabilities. Each year, Loras challenges its students to make a positive difference in the community. And they always rise to the challenge–tenfold.


Accommodations are provided for students with supporting individual documentation of the ongoing need for academic accommodations. Accommodations include extended time for exams and testing in a distraction-reduced setting and/or assistive technology. Students eligible for accommodations must submit a copy of their learning disability documentation and email us at several weeks before their classes begin in the fall to schedule a meeting with one of our academic counselors. A completed accommodation intake form (provided by the Lynch Center) is required before the accommodation meeting is scheduled. Students are responsible for contacting the Lynch Disability Resource & Cultural Center to request an accommodation meeting with an academic counselor and for submitting documentation documentation directly to our office. Accommodations are available at no charge.

ARCH Program

Our ARCH (Autism Resources for College and Higher Education) Program provides specialized programming and supports tailored for students on the spectrum during their four years at Loras. The program includes an option for incoming first year ARCH students to participate in our Discover Week, which is held the week prior to the beginning of fall classes. The Discover Week’s experiential activities and classroom programming overall helps support ARCH students with the transition to college. Students move in one week early to be introduced to the college environment and the surrounding area, academic supports and the resources available to them. Enrollment in the ARCH program includes an individual weekly meeting with a Lynch Disability Resource & Cultural Center Academic Counselor, a weekly meeting with a Loras College Mental Health Counselor, an individualized college success plan, and enrollment in a two credit Transitions to College class, followed by a three credit Characteristic of ASD course in the Spring semester of the students’ first year. The Career Strategies component of the program offers specialized career instruction taught by the Lynch Disability Resource & Cultural Center’s academic counselors during their sophomore, junior and senior year. The one credit classes help students hone the skills to obtain sustainable employment and to be successful in the workplace after graduation. Additionally, students are assigned a peer mentor the first two years and a staff/faculty mentor for their junior and senior year. The ARCH program includes opportunities for peer tutoring, structured social activities, an option of a single room, and access to the Lynch Disability Resource & Cultural Center’s sensory room in Rohlman Hall. Accommodation supports are provided according to the students’ documentation. Due to space limitations of the program (up to 10 applicants per year), students interested in the ARCH program are strongly encouraged to complete and submit the online application and additional required application materials early in their senior year, after acceptance to the college. There is an additional cost for enrollment in the ARCH program and fees are subject to change. Contact the Loras College Financial Planning office for questions on costs and scholarship opportunities available at, or by phone, 563.588.7136. The ARCH program online application and additional application materials are found on our Lynch Disability Resource & Cultural Center ARCH page.

Enhanced Program

Our Enhanced Program is a comprehensive program for students diagnosed with a learning disability (LD), attention deficit or other cognitive challenges. The program includes an individual meeting weekly with one of our academic counselors, an individualized college success plan, enrollment in a two credit Learning Strategies class during the students’ first year, peer tutors, and participation in academic workshops. The Learning Strategies class for first year students includes instruction on organization, time management, note-taking, self-advocacy, and career/major decision. Accommodations are provided according to the students’ documentation (e.g., extended time on exams, distracted reduced environment, assistive technology etc.). Students eligible for enrollment in the Enhanced Program are strongly encouraged to apply early during their senior year of high school. The Enhanced Program fee for the 2020 – 2021 Academic year is $2,868.50 per semester ($5,737.00/yr.) and is subject to change. Additional information and required application materials are found on the following weblink:   Lynch Disability Resource & Cultural Center: Enhanced Program.

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