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ARCH Program

Autism Resources for Career and Higher Education

Loras College’s ARCH program is a four-year program designed to help students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) thrive emotionally, academically, and socially.  Students admitted into the ARCH program will work directly with Loras College Certified Autism Specialists and will hone skills ranging from self-advocacy and organization to stress management and socialization in addition to earning their bachelor’s degree.

Lynn L. Gallagher - Director-Lynch Learning CenterThe Lynch Learning Center has provided a focused program for students with Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder for nearly 30 years. We also have dedicated and experienced staff ready to offer programming specific to students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.”
– Lynn L. Gallagher, Ed.D., CAS, AES (she/her/hers)
  Director-Lynch Learning Center

Students enrolled in the program attend an individual weekly meeting with an Academic Counselor to help students stay on track academically and attend a small group meeting with a Loras College Mental Health Counselor. First year students in the program work with their Academic Counselor to create an individualized college success plan as well as attend a Transitions to College class in the fall semester and Characteristic of ASD course in the Spring semester. Specialized one credit career building and strategies classes are offered during students’ sophomore, junior and senior years. Job shadowing, career fairs, internships and one-on-one résumé and cover letter counseling are incorporated within the career strategies component.

A mentorship component, peer tutors (as needed), structured social activities, option of a single room, and access to the Lynch Learning Center’s sensory room are included in the program. The Lynch Learning Center also offers students to participate in a five-day transition program (Discovery Week) in August before classes begin. The Discover Week experience overall helps students acclimate to campus and allows them to move into campus housing prior to first-year orientation.

A fee is charged for the ARCH program. Contact the Loras College Financial Planning Office for the current fee and scholarship opportunities. Students interested in a Lynch Disability Resource program must first apply to Loras College. After being accepted, students are then eligible to apply to the ARCH program. 


Applying to the ARCH Program

How to Apply
  1. Apply to Loras College before the priority application date of December 15
  2. Forward (if available) documentation of disability to the Lynch Disability Resource & Cultural Center.
  3. Schedule a campus visit with the Lynch Disability Resource & Cultural Center.
  4. Print, complete, and submit the following before the Disability History Update form (pdf) and Academic Reference Form (pdf) to (if possible, please submit by our December 15 priority date)
  5. Complete and submit the application below:
    Lynch Learning Center Application
    Review the information you have provided, then click the submit button below.

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Lynn Gallagher, Ed.D., CAS, AES (she/her/hers)
Director of Lynch Disability Resource & Cultural Center