Lynch Learning Center: Enhanced Program

The Enhanced Program is a comprehensive program designed to provide additional support for students with a primary disability of learning disability or attention deficit disorder, but students with other disabilities will be considered. A fee is charged for the Enhanced Program. The Enhanced Program includes a two-credit class, Learning Strategies, both semesters of the first-year; a weekly meeting with an Lynch Learning Center staff member; and peer tutors, as needed. The Lynch Learning Center staff member serves as the student’s primary advisor until s/he declares a major. Students may choose to continue in the Enhanced Program after the first year with a weekly meeting and tutors.

Students interested in the Enhanced Program should apply simultaneously to the College and the Enhanced Program. The Enhanced Program Application and current documentation should be submitted to the Lynch  Learning Center. After the materials are reviewed, appropriate candidates will be invited for an official interview with an Lynch Learning Center staff member. Students who have an interest in the Enhanced Program are strongly encouraged to submit all application materials by December 15, the priority application date, due to limited space in the program. Applications received after the priority date (December 15) will only be considered upon space availability.

Students interested in the Enhanced Program are encouraged to apply early in their senior year.

Checklist for Students

 Review information on this site about the levels of service and application process for the Enhanced Program.
Apply to Loras College before the priority application date of December 15.
 Send copy of documentation of disability.
 Print, complete, and submit the Enhanced Program Application Materials before the December 15 priority application date.

Lynch Learning Center Application
Lynch Learning Center Application
Review the information you have provided, then click the submit button below.

Questions? Let’s get in touch.

If you have any questions about the levels of service, documentation requirements, or the application process for the Enhanced Program, please reach out to the phone number or email address below so our amazing staff may assist you.

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