Additional Summer Course Opportunities

Through the Council of Independent Colleges

Loras College Summer Courses Offered Through the CIC Course Sharing Consortium


To provide additional opportunities for students to complete coursework during the summer, Loras College participates in the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) Online Course Sharing Consortium. The consortium allows us to partner with other small, private institutions to make a variety of online summer coursework available to Loras students.

Features of the CIC Consortium courses:

  • Asynchronous Format—All courses offered through the CIC Consortium are offered in an asynchronous format which will allow students the flexibility they may need and desire in a summer course.
  • Consortial credit—Unlike traditional transfer credits, courses offered through the consortium are accepted as Loras College credits and are included in the calculation of your Loras GPA.  This makes the consortium courses a great option for students seeking to boost their GPA by taking a summer course.
  • Identical Cost—The cost of the summer courses available through the CIC Consortium is the same as that of a course offered at Loras.

We are pleased to announce that the following consortium courses have been pre-approved and are available for registration now:

Loras Equivalent Consortia Course Title(s)
L.BUS-240 Marketing
L.COM-110 Oral Communication-Public Speaking; Public Speaking
L.EDU-230 (AA) Children & Adolescent Literature
L.KIN-145 Nutrition; Nutrition for Health
L.MAT-115 (QR) Statistics
L.PSY-101 General Psychology; Introduction to Psychology
L.PSY-231 Abnormal Psychology
L.SOC-101/115 (EI) Introduction to Sociology
AH Credit Environment Around Us w/lab
AH Credit Introductory Astronomy: Cosmology w/lab
AH Credit Life Science w/lab
AA Credit Modern Myth: Archetypes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

For more information and to register, visit the CIC Online Summer Course Sharing Consortium website and create an account in the Acadeum/College Consortium system. Once you log in, you will be able to view the list and descriptions of preapproved courses as well as the course offering dates. If you are not a Loras student but would like to take one of these courses in the summer, please contact for assistance.

Visit CIC Course Sharing Consortium