Consortium Courses

Offered Through the Council of Independent Colleges

Loras College Summer Courses Offered Through the CIC Course Sharing Consortium.

To provide additional opportunities for students to complete coursework during the summer, Loras participates in the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) Online Course Sharing Consortium. The consortium allows us to partner with other institutions to make a variety of online (asynchronous) summer coursework available to students.
Unlike traditional transfer credits, courses offered through the consortium are accepted as Loras College credits and are included in the calculation of the Loras GPA. This makes the consortium courses a great option for students seeking to boost their GPA by taking a summer course.

2023 CIC Consortium Courses TBA

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Student Registration

To register, create an account with your email address and self-register via the CIC Acadeum College Consortium system.

Student Registrartion

To register, submit our Special Summer Student PDF application along with your transcripts to the Loras College Office of the Registrar.