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Experiential Learning
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Loras College integrates learning inside the classroom with experiences from the community, workplace and world. These “experiential texts” prompt students to reflect on the complexity of life and knowledge acquired inside and outside of the classroom. Students are challenged to ask themselves: What do I know? How does this new experience challenge my knowledge? How will this new knowledge inform my future thinking and career choices?

Loras College works with students to help them identify the experiences that will challenge and expand their knowledge. We encourage students to become engaged in the valuable learning associated with academic internships, service-learning and study abroad. Through these experiences, students discover their interests, and are empowered to own and intentionally shape their education.

Consistent with our Roman Catholic identity and mission, the Center for Experiential Learning at Loras College strives to deepen a spirit of social commitment and civic engagement among students. The CEL’s opportunities dramatically expand the dimensions of a Loras education and support students in their quest to become active learners, reflective thinkers, ethical decision makers and responsible contributors. Through internships, service learning and study abroad experiences, students come to know more about themselves, their gifts and how they will make meaning in this world.

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