Community Based Learning & Volunteering

Loras College received the nation’s first President’s Award  for Interfaith Community Service in 2014 from the Corporation for National and Community Service


Loras recognized for national and community service in Washington D.C.

Presidential Award for Interfaith National & Community Service. The Presidential Award for Interfaith Community Service by the Corporation for National & Community Service is the highest award a college can receive for their community and service learning efforts. The video highlights Loras’ commitment to serve throughout academic and co-curricular programs.

Additionally, Loras College was recognized as a Special Partnership Honoree for Excellence in AmeriCorps Programming and Service, as part of the Dubuque National Service Partnership

Service & Social Justice Experience Trips

Do you want to make a difference in the world?

Learn to Du it at Loras as part of your education, with financial support – and become a responsible contributor and civic leader!

Loras Service Learning
Service: Integrated into your education

Loras offers courses that incorporate learning and serving with the community. Loras offers a Civic Leaders program with courses and experiences focused on service on service & leadership.

AmeriCorps Community Work Study Programs
Service: Making college more affordable

Join other Loras students who, together, have been awarded more than a half a million dollars since 2009 to pay tuition or loans by serving through the Iowa College AmeriCorps and the Community Work Study programs. Our Civic Leaders program also provides such opportunities.

Get Involved and connect with other Loras students
Service: Connecting with other students

Collaborate with fellow students and the community to impact the lives of individuals and families challenged by cancer and disabilities. Build social networks in student organizations such as Dance Marathon, DuBuddies, Loras College Student Athletic Advisory Committee and many more.

Loras students are engaged in Service Learning
Service: contributing to success in college

Research conducted across the nation – and here at Loras shows students who are engaged in Service Learning are more likely to be successful in college.

Community-based learning courses

Academic courses at Loras College incorporate outreach to the community. These courses come from a variety of academic disciplines and require students to engage with the community. Just a few examples of community-based learning courses include:

  • An English literature course challenging students to write strategically, thoughtfully and ethically in community work and in social justice efforts.
  • A Media Studies course encouraging students to produce award-winning videos by working with non-profit agencies throughout the community who want to share their story with a wider audience.
  • Honors courses focused on transformative community impact and student learning.

Iowa College AmeriCorps Program

Made possible through our membership in Iowa Campus Compact, Loras College students can make a substantial commitment to volunteering in the Dubuque community by serving 300 hours annually, in exchange for an education award. Since 2009, students engaged in the Iowa Campus Compact AmeriCorps program at Loras College have served over 100,000 hours, recruited hundreds of their classmates to volunteer, and been recognized for this service to the community with over $400,000 in education awards they have been able to use to pay for college tuition or to repay student loans.


Get involved in student organization and the local community. We have resources and guidance to help you learn more about opportunities to serve. Volunteering can be very rewarding and is a necessity for a strong and successful community. Our Spiritual Life service opportunities & other local volunteering allows you to connect with your community and make a difference and lead.