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Cybersecurity Bootcamp (powered by Cybint) is a fully online accelerated training program, meeting only twice a week, designed to successfully prepare people with little or no background in IT for entry level jobs in cybersecurity, a highly in-demand and lucrative career path. Developed around military training methodologies and hands-on learning, the program focuses on the key skills sought by employers. The Bootcamp prepares students not only with technical knowledge, but with the essential skills required for a successful career in cybersecurity.


With the rate of cyber-attacks reaching record highs, there is an urgent need for workers in cybersecurity. The field has had 0% unemployment for nearly a decade, and forecasts 35% job growth throughout the next year. With plentiful opportunities and competitive compensation, an accelerated Cybersecurity Bootcamp is the best way to gain the necessary skills to fill these positions.


The Loras College community has always been defined by strong relationships and a proactive, service mindset. Through our personalized approach, all students enrolled in our Professional Education programs will receive individualized coaching and mentoring with guidance throughout the program. Ensuring strong, caring relationships is what the Duhawk community is all about, and we look forward to continuing that tradition with this program.


Learn more about what to expect from the Bootcamp in this clip from a recent Cybint webinar:



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Trained for in-demand roles

Major tech companies no longer require college degrees and now focus on skill and promising prospects of those with hands-on, practical skills gained from bootcamps

Competitive entry-level salary

The average annual pay for an entry-level Cybersecurity Analyst in the United States is $82,565/year and the average annual pay for a cybersecurity position in the US is $112,974/year.

Future-proof job sector

The number of unfilled Cybersecurity positions now stands at over 4 million professionals, up from 2.93 million this time last year. This includes 561,000 in North America.

Cybersecurity careers are plentiful and a variety of roles are available at financial institutions, retailers, research companies, accounting firms, credit unions, government organizations – the list is endless.

Cybersecurity Forensics Analyst

Common Job Titles:
Cyber Defense Forensics Analyst, Digital Forensics Analyst, Cyber Crime Analyst


Top Skills Requested:
Computer forensics, threat analysis, network defense, system administration, encryption

Network Operations Specialist

Common Job Titles:
Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst, IT Specialist, Network Analyst, LAN/WAN Admin


Top Skills Requested:
Network management, information technology assessment, operating systems, system administration

Cybersecurity Defense Analyst

Common Job Titles:
Cybersecurity Analyst, SOC Analyst, Info Security Analyst, Network Defense Technician


Top Skills Requested:
Network defense, vulnerabilities assessment, data management, info assurance, incident management

Cyber Infrastructure Specialist

Common Job Titles:
Cyber Defense Infrastructure Support Specialist, Intrusion Detection System Admin, Network Security Specialist


Top Skills Requested:
Network defense, information systems, incident management, network security, encryption

Cyber Incident Responder

Common Job Titles:
Incident Response Analyst, Intrusion Analyst, Security Monitoring Analyst, Computer Crime Investigator


Top Skills Requested:
Incident management, network defense, information systems, digital forensics, threat analysis

Associate Security Analyst / Engineer

Job Responsibilities:
Supporting security systems and monitoring security alerts and events. Assisting in creating and distributing security advisories and escalating security incidents.


Top Skills:
Cyber Forensics, Cyber Incident Management, Infrastructure Support, Security Administration, Security Assessment and Testing, Threat Intelligence and Detection.


Admission Criteria & Application Checklist


Admission Criteria and Eligibility Information:

  • High school diploma/GED (minimum).
  • Students do not need an IT background to enroll in this program.

To apply:

  • Visit loras.edu/apply and create an account. There is no application fee.
  • When first creating the application, select "Graduate Application" as the Application Type.
  • In the Student Profile section within the application itself, select "Graduate: professional education program" as the Student Type, then select "Cybersecurity Bootcamp" as the Academic Program.
  • Please note that you do not have to upload anything to the Materials section of the application.

    Application Checklist


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Are there prerequisites for the Bootcamp?

    After admission into the Bootcamp, students are expected to complete the self-paced pre-work module of approximately 20 hours prior to the start of the Bootcamp. This pre-work module will bring everyone to the same level of necessary technical expertise. (Students with prior IT experience will likely finish the self-paced pre-work in less than 20 hours).

    If a student decides that the Bootcamp is not for them after completing the pre-work module, they do not have to continue with the Bootcamp.


    What is the format of the Bootcamp?

    This part-time Bootcamp includes 480 hours of content delivered over 24 weeks. The topics are taught in a sequenced format (students do not work ahead). You will virtually meet with your classmates and facilitator over Zoom twice a week (Monday and Thursday nights at 6pm CST). Each virtual class is scheduled for up to 4 hours, but half of that time is reserved for the Facilitator's office hours. Some topics will require more actual live class time than others. On average, students can expect to self-study for a few hours per week outside of the scheduled class times. The platform will be available to you 24/7. There is also a messaging platform where classmates and facilitators can communicate.


    How will I learn practical cybersecurity skills?

    In order for you to practice the skills you learn, we have developed over 60 unique hands-on labs that run in virtual machines. These are safe environments where you will be able to run different operating systems, access various tools without installing them on your computer, and practice confidently without putting your computer at risk.


    What if I have to miss one of the live Monday/Thursday sessions?

    The live online meetings are not recorded, so students can simply coordinate with their Facilitator to discuss anything that will be/was missed.


    What if I already have some IT knowledge? Do I still need to complete the entire Bootcamp?

    This program is designed so that every student moves through each/all 12 modules in sequence. It is not possible to essentially “skip over” any of the modules. However, if you already have knowledge of certain areas, then instead of spending the anticipated few hours per week outside of class studying, you may only need to spend a little bit of time per week to complete that module before moving on to the next.


    What are the minimal computer requirements and what is the recommended setup?

    To participate effectively in the Bootcamp, you will need a laptop that is able to run video conferencing (including a working camera and microphone) and has an up-to-date operating system, as well as a stable high-speed internet connection. In addition, a second screen is recommended for optimal experience.


    What certifications will I get from the program? Is there an exam?

    Upon successful completion of the Bootcamp, you will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by Cybint and Loras College confirming that you completed Cybersecurity training aligned with the United States government’s National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) framework led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


    After you have completed the Bootcamp coursework, no outside licensing-type exam is required in order to be able to apply for entry-level Cybersecurity jobs. However, you will have the background and knowledge needed to pursue CompTIA Security+ or CertNexus certification if you wish, at a reduced cost as a result of completing the program through Cybint and Loras College.


    What types of jobs will I be able to apply for after the Bootcamp?

    Our curriculum is aligned with the NICE-NIST Framework and we will prepare you to apply for jobs like Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Forensics Analyst, and Cyber Incident Responder.


    What is the cost of Bootcamp?

    The entire cost of the 24-week Bootcamp is $4500 per person.


    Do you offer refunds?

    Students may receive 100% tuition refund up until two weeks after the start of the semester. After the first two weeks, no refund will be given.


    Does Loras offer any discounts for alumni, groups, or other selected individuals?

    Loras College offers a 10% tuition discount to students employed by a Loras Corporate Partner. For more information on how your place of employment can become a corporate partner, please visit loras.edu/corporatepartnerships.


    Program Cost


    The cost of the entire Cybersecurity Bootcamp is $4,500. Students have two options for program payment:

    1. Utilize tuition reimbursement from their employer via completion of Loras’s Employer Tuition Reimbursement Form, OR:
    2. Self-pay the entire program balance before the first day of class.

    Students who utilize tuition reimbursement from their employer must complete Loras’s ETR Form before the first day of the first class. Students will still be issued regular billing statements from Loras, but will be exempt from any late fees and will be exempt from having to make full payment until after their last class of the semester. (Students or employers are welcome to make payments directly to Loras along the way if they would like, but it is not required). If the employer reimbursement criteria are not met and/or reimbursement is denied, the student must bring their account current immediately before any future registration will be permitted. The balance must be paid in full within 30 days of program completion and prior to Loras and Cybint issuing the student the certificate of completion of the courses at the end of the program.


    Students who do not complete Loras’s ETR Form must self-pay their entire program balance before the first day of class. Students who fail to make payment for the program by that date will be asked to remit payment or be removed from the program.


    Students may receive 100% tuition refund up until two weeks after the start of the semester. After the first two weeks, no refund will be given.

    • Please note that federal and institutional aid is not available for this program.
    • Students who wish to obtain a private loan to help cover the cost of this program may reach out to Lesley Buse, Assistant Director of Financial Planning at 563-588-7817 or lesley.buse@loras.edu.
    • For billing or employer tuition reimbursement questions, feel free to contact Carrie Jones, Director of Student Accounts at 563-588-7232 or carrie.jones@loras.edu.

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