Start with the Data,
Not with the Story 2.0

In this webinar, Dr. Dale Lehman, Director of the Executive MBA in Business Analytics program at Loras College, will continue his examination of why it is important to write the headline after the analysis and not before. Among the newsworthy topics covered will be: opioids, ADHD, guns, global warming, and judicial biases. The webinar will also provide brief information about Loras’ graduate analytics programs, including a student perspective.

We hope you will join us for this engaging presentation on the rapidly growing and changing field of data analytics. RSVP here or click the registration button below.



Webinar Presenter &
Analytics Expert

Dale Lehman, Ph.D
MBA Program Director and Professor of Business

Dale has a PhD in Economics from the University of Rochester.  He has taught at a dozen universities as well as holding positions at Bellcore and SBC Communications.  He has published dozens of articles and three books on a variety of topics related to economics, industry analysis, and modeling.  He is a frequent expert witness in regulatory proceedings and regularly teaches at a number of European universities.

His current research interests involve modeling and communicating uncertainties to improve decision making, ensuring open data access, and enhancing the role of replicability of data analysis.