Loras College Honors Program FAQ

What are the Requirements?  What do you have to do?

  • Take 3 General Education courses in special Honors Program sections (MOI, Catholic Traditions, Democracy and Global Diversity)
  • Engage with the Dubuque community through Service Learning
  • Participate in a collaborative three-year group research project
  • Complete a 1-credit Honors seminar sophomore, junior and senior years related to your ongoing research project

What are the advantages?

  • The courses are challenging, experiential, and interdisciplinary
  • Other Honors students are active learners and serious about academics
  • The community of students and faculty is welcoming, inclusive, friendly, and vibrant
  • Working with a faculty mentor and peers for three years on a research project
  • An Honors education can be a benefit when applying for graduate schools or for jobs

Does pursuing an Honors degree create problems for majors?

No.  In fact, it should benefit you.

The Honors sections of general education classes provide a challenging learning environment that provides a foundation for any major.  Working with your interdisciplinary research group will prepare you for research in your major, and extend and enhance your grounding in the liberal arts.  Honors students have the opportunity to work with a faculty mentor and peers for three years on a research project, which involves service to community.  Overall, the program enriches one’s program of study and prepares students for the challenges of graduate school or professional work.

How to Apply?

Apply for admission to Loras College, then apply for the Loras Honors Program. Both Applications are necessary.

Who can I contact for additional information?

Contact the director to apply or discuss the program –  Erin.VanLaningham@loras.edu

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