January Term Extensive Travel Courses

Sample Loras College January Term
Extensive Travel Course Descriptions

L.BUS-490: Business Seminar
Location of travel: San Francisco, California

This study travel course will focus on development and application of business knowledge, exploration of world class organizations and business leaders, and service to community.  Class activities will include in-depth study of current events, a comprehensive and competitive simulation and in-depth field experience of world class organizations/leaders. Anticipated out-of-pocket expenses include most meals, some entrance fees, and personal shopping. Prerequisites for this course: ACC 227, CIT 110 or CIT 321, BUS 230, BUS 240, and BUS 350. Registration restricted to Senior Business Administration, Marketing, Finance or MIS majors. Instructor’s permission required.  3 credits.

L.COM-289: Global Filmmaking-
Location of travel: Italy

This is an international film production course and we’re going to be producing video on location just like the pro’s. Students in this course should be prepared to travel extensively and tell outstanding visual stories. Global Filmmaking is an experiential creative production course with a focus on group work.  Nearly all of your efforts will contribute to the larger group goal of producing a high quality production.  Prior to our flight, class sessions on the Loras campus will be working sessions on pre-production creative. Most class sessions during January will be used to shoot on location.  You will also be making script adjustments at that time.  Upon return, class periods will focus on post-production. Students must have completed COM-158: Introduction to TV Production OR receive instructor permission. Additional out-of-pocket expenses include some meals.  3 credits.

L.EGR-250: NASA Astronautics
Location of travel: Houston, Texas

This course is intended for anyone interested in what it takes to travel and live in space and on other worlds.  Hands-on project-based learning that includes sustainable habitat construction, strategic scientific planning and investigations, a two-stage rocket launch, heat shield design, cryogenics chamber design, robotics, underwater “astronaut training,” collaborative teaming and global awareness development. The course will include tours of and activities in actual astronaut training and work facilities, such as NASA

Johnson Space Center, Rocket Park and the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory. Hear from guest speakers about what it takes to work at NASA and the projects that prepare humans for space exploration. Registration restricted to Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics majors. Additional out-of-pocket expenses include some dinners, snacks on travel days, and souvenirs. The prerequisite is MAT 117 or higher or consent of instructor.  3 credits.

L.EXP-240: Global Service Learning: Peru (AC)
Location of travel: Peru

PHI-376: Philosophy and the Rise of Christianity (AC)
Location of travel: Italy

This study travel course ventures to Sicily and Rome where love for wisdom has not been left in ruins; participants examine ancient and contemporary Mediterranean cultures and analyze how key concepts, themes, and attitudes of selected ancient philosophers informed theologians and prominent figures of the early Christian era.  Graeco-Roman archaeological sites and theaters are explored in Siracusa, in the famous “Valley of the Temples” in Agrigento, in Taormina (with the volcanic Mt. Etna looming in view), in Palermo, and of course, in the Eternal City, Rome.  In both Sicily and Rome we will be guided through museums, catacombs and churches where early martyrs are venerated and Mass will be celebrated,

including in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican, where we hope to encounter Pope Francis.  Anticipated
out-of-pocket expenses include costs of roughly $300 for occasional meals, offerings, and miscellaneous expenses.  Besides the usual advanced general education prerequisites, it is desirable that students would have already taken one philosophy or theology course.  3 credits.

RST-273: Social Justice & Concerns (AV)
Location of travel: Kenya

This interdisciplinary J-Term travel course will explore social issues in Kenya through critical ethical reflection on social concerns and engagement with the practices of social work professionals who serve communities in East Africa. Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with local community members and confront issues of economic change and/or instability, limited national resources, the organization of helping services, and government

structures and arrangements that highlight challenges to the roles of social welfare and the daily practice of social work in unique cultural contexts. The course aims to help prepare students as ‘global citizens’ who can responsibly contribute within an increasingly interconnected world. 3 credits.