January Term Extensive Travel Courses

Loras College 2019 January Term
Extensive Travel Course Descriptions


L.BIO-325: Environmental Issues in Costa Rica (AH)
Professor Tom Davis
Location of travel: Costa Rica
Course fee:  $3,400
This course includes a 15 day study travel field course in Costa Rica. Students will visit three different forest ecosystems: tropical wet forest, tropical dry forest, and high elevation tropical cloud forest. Students will use the scientific method to generate questions, pose hypotheses, design experiments and collect data at these 3 outdoor forest sites. Results from these hands – on projects will be discussed within the group and with local experts. Basic ecological concepts will be compared between sites. Each student will learn basic flora and fauna at each of the 3 sites. Environmental issues including hydroelectric power, rainforest logging, agricultural land use, effects of coffee, pineapple and banana production, invasive species control, ecotourism, and maintenance of rainforest biodiversity will be discussed and observed first hand. This course satisfies Loras AH general education requirements. All Advanced Gen Ed requirements must be met before taking this course (LIB 100, 105, 110 and Math Modeling). Course fee includes airfare,all meals, lodging, tours and transportation in Costa Rica. Out ofpocket expenses include airport food, travel snacks, souvenirs and personal shopping.3 credits.

L.BUS-490: Business Seminar
Professor Hugh Graham
Location of travel: San Francisco, California
Course fee:  $2,000
This study travel course will focus on development and application of business knowledge, exploration of world class organizations and business leaders, and service to community.  Class activities will include in-depth study of current events, a comprehensive and competitive simulation and in-depth field experience of world class organizations/leaders. Anticipated out-of-pocket expenses include most meals, some entrance fees, and personal shopping. Prerequisites for this course: ACC 227, CIT 110 or CIT 321, BUS 230, BUS 240, BUS 350. Registration restricted to Senior Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, or MIS majors. Instructor’s permission required.  3 credits.

L.COM-388: Art and Dissent: Czechoslovakia (AC)
Professor Paul Kohl
Location of travel: Czech Republic
Course fee:  $2,000
This course examines ways in which the arts, including literature, music, film, theater, and the visual arts, served as forms of resistance and dissent in 20th century Czechoslovakia, particularly during the Nazi occupation (1939-45) and era of Communist rule (1948-89). Artists to be covered include Franz Kafka,Egon Bondy, Milos Forman, Vaclav Havel, the Plastic People of the Universe, and the composers and writers of the concentration camp at Terezin. There are no pre-requisite courses. Out of pocket expenses include meals and personal shopping. 3 credits.

L.CTL-260: Communication for Communion (AV)
Professor Amanda Osheim
Location of travel: Italy
Course fee:  $4,000
Travel to Italy to discover how the Roman Catholic church sought to create a culture of communion during the Renaissance and Modern periods. In Rome we’ll see the Colosseum and Pantheon, buildings that inspired the Renaissance, and explore the Vatican museums. We’ll also tour the Great Synagogue of Rome to learn more about the church’s relationship with the Jewish people, and visit the Sant’Egidio community who are committed to caring for those in need. We’ll visit Catherine of Siena’s hometown to discover the origins of her influential work for unity in church and society. Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance; here we’ll see masterpieces by Michelangelo and Botticelli, and learn about the powerful Medici family who financed it. This course fulfills the AC general education requirement, and is open to all students who have completed the pre-requisites for advanced general education courses. Additional out-of-pocket expenses include some meals and personal shopping. 3 credits.

L.ENG-250: Literary London and Beyond (AA)
Professor Erin VanLaningham
Location of travel: England
Course fee:  $4,000

London is a place of back alleys and large theaters, museums and markets, bridges and squares, cathedrals and galleries. All of these spaces appear in the pages and stages of literary legends. In the course, we will examine literary genres of theater, poetry and fiction through the lens of art, museums and historical landmarks. We will also compare literature with companion arts — namely visual art and architecture — to see how the arts inform each other. Our study will draw from authors such as William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, William Blake, Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes), Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, and JK Rowling. Literature explores places both real and imagined. Our visit to London and surrounding sites will allow us to understand how stories relate to place, and how place can inspire, reflect, and influence literature. This course fulfills the AA general education requirement, and is open to all students who have completed the pre-requisites for advanced general education courses. Out of pocket expenses include lunches, some dinners, and personal shopping. 3 credits.

L.SPW-265: Remembering the Disappeared
Professor Kate McCarthy-Gilmore & Kate Cooper
Location of travel: Argentina
Course fee:  $3,500

SPW 265: Remembering the Disappeared is a study travel course to Buenos Aires, Argentina which will examine Argentina’s national interpretation of the “Dirty War,” a social reorganization process which ravaged the country from 1976 to 1983. This course will explore the national mood before the coup as well as the ideology and violent tactics of the military regime governing Argentina during that time. These foci will guide the class in analyzing the larger theme of social, economic, and political resistance during the Dirty War as well as the modern desire in Argentina to create spaces of social memory that preserve the history of the Disappeared and their families. During our time in Buenos Aires we will explore official spaces of national memory, analyze the relationship between modern national identity and the Dirty War and examine how other minority identities struggle to fit into the national narrative based around memory and resistance. Anticipated out-of-pocket expenses include most lunches and dinners while traveling. There are no prerequisites for the course. 3 credits.