May Term
learning through experiences

Experiential Learning, Reflective Thinking and Effective Learning Environments

Loras College May Term is an intense, three-week learning experience that offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a single course. This learning immersion comes in many forms because all May courses have an emphasis on learning through experiences. Students may participate in simulations, field excursions, research projects with faculty, domestic or international travel, performance or studio art, or other hands-on opportunities.

May term courses come from all disciplines and can often fulfill requirements in specific majors, general education or serve as electives. All first-year students will enroll in a May term course (on-campus, domestic or international).

Sample May Term Offerings:

  • Plants and Human Health
  • Media and Society
  • Oral Communication as Critical Inquiry
  • World Cinema
  • Roman Catholic Sacred Spaces
  • Early Childhood Language and Literature
  • Engineering Prototyping
  • Health Profession Experience: CNA
  • Poetry Writing
  • Sport Psychology
  • Math of Games
  • Music in the Movies
  • Neuropsychiatric Disease
  • Sociology in Action
  • Jazz Experience
  • Crime, Justice, Pop Culture
  • Box Office to Boxing Ring
  • The Psychology of Stress

May term offers students an opportunity for learning that develops and builds upon key components of the Loras experience including experiential learning, reflective thinking and small, effective learning environments.

The breadth of May course offerings provides additional opportunities for students to truly explore the liberal arts. Local, domestic and international courses are all offered, so students have many options.