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Loras College Admission Team

Kyle Klapatauskas
Director of Admission Recruitment & Retention
563-588-7639 | kyle.klapatauskas@loras.edu

Neil Bingham
Admission Visit Coordinator
563.588.7135 | neil.bingham@loras.edu

Dani Dodds
Associate Director of Admission
563-588-7244 | danielle.dodds@loras.edu

Kodie Edmonds
Senior Admission Representative
563.588.7017 | kodie.edmonds@loras.edu

Tyler Garrison
CRM Manager
563.588.7401 | tyler.garrison@loras.edu

Zach Gries
Assistant Director of Admission & Financial Planning
563.588.7278 | zachery.gries@loras.edu

Megan Henderson
Associate Director of Admission: Graduate Programs
563.588.7140 | megan.henderson@loras.edu

Erika Miller
Admission Assistant
563.588.7401 | erika.miller@loras.edu

Joan Schaefer
Event Recruitment Coordinator
563.588.7980 | joan.schaefer@loras.edu

Robbie Stran
Associate Director of Admission
563.588.4995 | robert.stran@loras.edu

Maureen (Reenie) Vulich
Senior Regional Admission Representative
708.207.4250 |maureen.vulich@loras.edu

Sylma Wingard
Senior Admission Representative
563.588.7712 | sylma.wingard@loras.edu

Aidan Wojciehowski
Admission Representative
563.588.7963 | aidan.wojciehowski@loras.edu

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