Health Center

While college students are generally a healthy population, there may be times that illness or injury interferes with campus life. The Loras College Health Center, staffed by registered nurses, provides a range of health care services to the campus community. The nurses will assess and offer treatment, provide over-the-counter medications, and/or a referral to another health care provider if necessary. Most services are available at no charge to Loras students. Vaccines, TB tests and strep throat screens are available for a fee. We also provide health education and wellness promotion, self-care opportunities and loan equipment.

As part of our commitment to health and wellness promotion, we want to ensure that students are protected against communicable disease. Complete and return the Required Health Information Form (see form links below) including a copy of your vaccine record and insurance card (if applicable) to the Loras College Health Center via mail, fax or email. Your physician’s office, high school or state health department may have a copy of your vaccine record.

While we only require two MMR immunizations, we highly recommend that students be immunized for meningitis. Talk to your physician about the benefits of receiving the vaccination.

Health Information & Forms

Required Information

  • Health Center Welcome Letter
  • Required Health Information Form 
  • Athletes Only: Athletic Training Forms
  • Student Insurance
    The faculty, staff and administration are concerned about the health of all students who attend Loras College. Students are strongly encouraged to have health insurance. Loras is not sponsoring a specific insurance plan for domestic students. Health Insurance Information for Domestic Students. All International Students are required to have health insurance designated by Loras College unless health insurance is provided by your home embassy. The Loras College Health Center will enroll you into the health insurance plan with the plan fee being placed onto your Loras College student account. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Loras College Health Center prior to each semester to be enrolled into the health insurance plan designated by the college or to review your proof of insurance provided by your home embassy. View GeoBlue Insurance options for international students.

Additional Information & Forms

  • Counseling Services
    The Loras College Health Center works in conjunction with the Loras Counseling Center to offer counseling services to all students.
  • International Travel
    Promoting and protecting your health before, during and after foreign travel is important.  This includes having a travel medicine specialist assess your healthcare needs. Contact us for more information.
  • Missed Classes
    When a student is absent from class due to illness or injury, it is the responsibility of the student to communicate with his/her professor and to follow the requirements of the professor regarding the course work missed. Penalties for absenteeism depend upon the policy and discretion of the professor, as outlined in the course syllabus. Written notification from a physician excusing a student from class due to illness, injury or hospitalization is required if a student misses three or more consecutive days. This documentation can be brought or faxed to the Health Center (Fax 563.588.7659) or email


All patient visits and records kept by the Health Center are confidential. The Health Center may release copies of patient records with written permission from the patient. Parents of patients eighteen years and older, parents or spouses of emancipated minors, and other next of kin will not have access to the medical record without the written consent of the patient. Privacy of confidential information is a social, legal, and ethical responsibility of organizations that receive medical information. The Loras College and the Loras Health Center have implemented policies and procedures to protect the confidentiality of patient data, whether it is electronic or in a printed format.

Local Clinics & Emergency Services

Medical Walk-In Clinics:

Medical Associates Acute Care Center
1000 Langworthy
Dubuque, IA 563.584.3455
Mon-Fri: 7am-8pm
Sat-Sun: 8am-5pm

Dubuque Urgent Care Walk-in Clinics

Other Urgent Care Clinics are available throughout Dubuque County

Medical Emergency Services:

Mercy Medical Center – Hospital
250 Mercy Drive
Dubuque, IA 563.589.9666

UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital
350 Grandview Ave
Dubuque, IA 563.582.1881

Map to Healthcare Facilities
Pharmacies that Deliver to Loras
Allergy Shots

Requests for Immunization Records

Students may request a copy of their immunization record on file in the Health Center:

  1. Fax, mail or email a written request to the Health Center.
  2. Include your name, date of birth, phone number and signature.
  3. Include the name, fax, email or address of the person/school/employer requesting the record.