Loras College is committed to the safety and well-being of all students, faculty, staff and campus visitors. This website will be updated regularly with information regarding the College's preparation and response to COVID-19. We have adopted a state of proactive preparedness and are working closely with local, state and national health officials to monitor the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. We are aware of how quickly this illness has spread and take this potential threat seriously. We will continue to do our best to ensure the campus is safe and informed. Loras plans to reinstate all campus operations to include classroom delivery, co-curricular programming, residential living, and campus dining this coming Fall 2020.  

Campus Updates

8/11/20 Campus Update from President Collins
Jim Collins offers information on COVID-19 testing, intercollegiate athletics, mask mandate, personal protection equipment, dining services and more.

08/11/2020 Campus Update

8/6/20 IMPORTANT: Tuition Free Announcement
President Collins announces the 9th and 10th Semester Tuition Free Guarantee. Loras is offering a tuition free 9th and 10th semester to assist undergraduate students in completing their bachelor’s degree.

9th & 10th Semester Tuition Free Details

7/28/20 Campus Update from President Collins

07/28/2020 Campus Update

7/14/20 Mid-Summer Campus Update from President Collins
Jim Collins offers a mid-summer campus update along with modified plans for Homecoming, Family Weekend and Commencement.

President's Mid-Summer Update

7/7/20 COVID-19
Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students, Art Sunleaf, communicates Daily Guidelines when returning to campus (outlining expectations around monitoring symptoms and temperature regularly; instructions on what to do if you become ill; expectations around the use of face coverings; guidelines for social distancing; and much more) along with Returning to Campus and Travel Guidelines (outlining steps to keep yourself safe while traveling during a pandemic and expectations for those traveling and returning to campus).

Daily Guidelines & Expectations
Travel Guidelines & Expectations

6/10/20 COVID-19
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: President Collins announces the Loras Flex plan for the 2020-2021 academic year, especially as it relates to navigating the implications of the ongoing pandemic.

June 10 Loras Flex Announcement

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5/13/20 COVID-19
Campus Update from President Collins

May 13 President's Update

4/30/20 COVID-19
Campus Update from President Collins

April 30 President's Update

4/29/20 COVID-19
Communication Regarding CARES Act Funding for Students

CARES Act Funding for Students

4/20/20 COVID-19
Campus Update from President Collins

April 20 President's Update

4/6/20 COVID-19
Campus Update from President Collins

April 6 President's Update

3/30/20 COVID-19
Campus Update from President Collins

March 30 President's Update

3/22/20 COVID-19
Campus Update from President Collins

March 22 President's Update

3/19/20 COVID-19 Campus Update

March 19 COVID-19 Campus Update

3/17/20 IMPORTANT CAMPUS UPDATE: In response to Gov. Kim Reynolds "Iowa public health disaster emergency" declaration all classes are cancelled effective at noon March 17 and will resume online as planned on March 24.

3/15/20 COVID-19 Important Campus Update


3/13/20 Update on COVID-19 Regarding Spring Sports

American Rivers Conference COVID-19 Statement

3/12/20 Updated communication on CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) from President Jim Collins

Adjustments to Campus Activities and Travel

3/12/20  The following has been included in an email to all students currently studying aboard and parents and guardians:

Loras Suspends Spring Study Abroad Programs

3/10/20 The following statement was sent from President Jim Collins to the faculty, staff and students of Loras College:

President Address to Campus

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited to share our Loras Flex plan. Everyone is looking forward to a new academic year even as it will be vastly different from previous years.


We believe Loras Flex is a creative and accommodating way to proceed given the varying needs and desires of our campus community, however within the appropriate health boundaries related to the overarching pandemic. Visit for more information.


How is the campus preparing for Fall classes?
We are excited to share our Loras Flex plan. Everyone is looking forward to a new academic year even as it will be vastly different from previous years. Visit for more information. 
Why does the 100% online option not cost less than the hybrid?
The coursework is the same whether a student is in class or online. A high-faculty to student ratio will continue to be the case. The expectation is for students to be engaged in their learning – including discussion, group work, and other activities at the scheduled class time with the instructor and other students.


The cost of delivery does not change if in class or online.


While this approach is not our first choice, it is a better alternative than an independent, at-your-own- pace online program, with 100+ students enrolled in the courses.

If there is an outbreak and students are required to go online and leave campus, will there be a pro-rated refund on room, board, and meals? I understand no refund on tuition but without a refund on the other items, students will be paying double for living expenses.
If all courses must be moved online for the remainder of the semester and students are required to vacate campus housing, then students would receive a prorated refund on their unused housing and meal plans.  The prorated refunds would take into consideration financial aid and be calculated as follows: cost associated with the unused days in the housing and meal contracts multiplied by the percent of the total cost of attendance that the student/family pays to the college. Thus, a student’s refund is split between the college and the student based on the percent of overall costs each is contributing to the cost of attendance. For example:

Total cost of R/B for the semester $3137
Unused portion of R/B total $2000
   % of total costs paid through college    57%
   % of total costs paid by student/family    43%
R/B refund to student $860

The College took this approach in spring 2020 as it takes into account the fact that students’ aid packages are built around the total cost of attendance.

What is #LorasTOGETHER?
#LorasTOGETHER was created to unify and provide support for students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends. At the request of students, we have created attire with this branding to help with the needs of area health care providers. Online store is now closed
Loras impact in the Dubuque Community.
Loras’ Engineering/Mathematics faculty are using our unique 3D printer and equipment to develop health care provider shields/masks. 
How can I submit a prayer request OR I would like to offer prayers for the Loras Community?
Loras continues to offer spiritual support and welcomes your prayer requests. To view intentions and offer your own, visit We also invite you to pray the Loras Prayer with us.  
Is the Loras College Campus Open?
Staff and faculty have returned to work on a staggered schedule to assist with social distancing. Classes will resume in a Loras Flex format in the fall. Learn more about the Loras Flex plan at Loras is open for on-campus visits in addition to expanded virtual opportunities. Visit for more information.
As a prospective student, is it possible to plan an in-person campus visit?
Yes, Loras welcomes in-person visits to campus along with a variety of virtual visit options for prospective students and their families. Visitors are asked to call 563.588.7236 or visit to schedule an appointment. Please refrain from visiting if you are experiencing flu symptoms. When on campus, please plan to wear a protective face covering. All visits will be mindful of social distancing, with campus meeting CDC and Iowa Department of Health guidelines.
Are Loras sponsored events cancelled?
Yes. Currently no public events are being held on campus until further notice. We will continue to follow the CDC guidelines to keep everyone safe. Additionally, following the NCAA announcement on Friday, Aug 7, the American Rivers Conference (A-R-C) announced Football, Women's Volleyball and Men's & Women's Soccer are postponed to Spring 2021. Visit for additional details.
Will Commencement be held?
The Class of 2020 Baccalaureate Liturgy and Commencement Ceremony will be held on Friday, October 9. If, for reasons beyond our control, we are unable to hold these events in October, the alternate dates of December 5 and 6, 2020 have been selected. Learn more at 
Is Loras offering any counseling services?
Each year our counseling center at Loras assists 10-13% of the student population. Now that students are off campus our staff is offering telehealth services online. Please contact with any questions.
Where can I find the most up-to-date information on COVID-19?
Up-to-date information about COVID-19 can be found on the CDC’s website for the illness, and the Iowa Department of Public Health webpage. Campus updates will continue to be posted to this page.

Students began taking classes online as of March 24, and will continue online through the end of the summer.

If I live in campus housing, do I need to move out?
Students living on campus or in campus owned housing may continue to do so until no later than 5 p.m. Friday, March 20. Students on the meal plan may access dining venues until no later than 5 p.m., Friday, March 20. All students must leave campus or campus-owned housing with all their belongs by no later than 5 p.m. Friday, March 20.

What if I have circumstances that prevent me from leaving campus by March 20?
If students have extenuating circumstances that will require them to continue to stay on campus past March 20, they may complete a form available from the Residence Life Office, requesting to remain.
If I receive permission to remain on campus, what residential living and campus dining options are available? All residential and campus dining facilities are in the process of being cleaned. We will then lock down these facilities for the rest of the semester. Students who have extenuating circumstances remain living in one of our residential facilities and are receiving meals through our grab and go service.
Can students who remain on campus travel during spring break
Have there been any cases of COVID-19 diagnosed on campus?
No, however cases have been diagnosed in the State of Iowa and in Dubuque County. We continue to monitor the situation.
Do I need to turn in my loft bed this week?
Yes. Residence Life staff alerted students to a designated drop site in their hall where they should have returned their loft bed.
What is the impact on room and board? "] Loras is issuing pro-rated refunds/credits to students who were in campus owned housing and/or on a meal plan. Information will be sent to these respective students.
Tell me about CARES Act funding?"]The federal government recently passed legislation (CARES Act) to enable colleges and universities to support students who have experienced financial disruption caused by the global pandemic. In order to distribute these funds to students who have experienced the greatest financial impact, Loras College has established a process for eligible students to apply for funds. Please note that the federal government has determined both the amount of funds Loras College will receive and student eligibility for funds. According to federal guidelines, only students who are eligible to complete a FAFSA may receive these stimulus funds.
Eligible students may complete the application by following the linked button below. The application process will be open through May 15th. Awards will range from $100 to $1,000 and we anticipate that there will be greater need than we have funds to cover. We will strive to assist the largest number of students possible. All applications will be reviewed beginning May 16th and funds will be awarded by June 30th. Visit our CARES Act page for more information.


Dealing With Anxiety

Whatever you are feeling is normal in an abnormal situation

Federal CARES Act

CARES Act Emergency Funding for Students

Campus Resources

Loras Campus resources for students, families, faculty & staff

What You Should Know

CDC: Reported US Cases of COVID-19


Anyone who feels ill, becomes sick or may be exposed to the coronavirus should consult with their advisor, supervisor or the Loras Health Center and self-isolate. We must do everything we can to keep our community as healthy as possible at this time.

Center for Disease Control & Prevention

There is an ongoing investigation to determine more about this outbreak. This is a rapidly evolving situation and information will be updated as it becomes available through the CDC.


The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person


Reported symptoms have ranged from mild to severe.


Stay home except to get medical care.


The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus.


Be Respectful of others at all times.


Common question and answers.

Loras College Health Center

474 Alumni Campus Center
1450 Alta Vista
Dubuque, Iowa 52001