Corporate Partnerships

Expand the possibilities.
Invest in your employees.
Drive community impact.

Improve Your Organization and Become A Corporate Partner

We work with those in leadership positions interested in providing their employees educational benefits while saving costs in tuition reimbursement.

We also collaborate with employees interested in encouraging their leadership teams to assist in their educational pursuits.


Corporate Partnership Inquiry Form
Are you an employer interested in exploring a corporate partnership or are you an employee interested in having your employer explore a corporate partnership program?

Employer Benefits

Retain Quality

The place to begin is to invest in the upskilling of your current employees.

Spend Less

Save on tuition reimbursement costs as compared to full tuition price.

Your Brand

Build stronger brand recognition with prospective employees as a result of Loras' recruitment and marketing efforts to current college students.

Employer Partner Commitment

Annual Commitment and Supportive

Sign an annual agreement to secure corporate benefits to be renewed each July 31. Annual agreement will take effect August 1.

Present graduate/continuing education program information to your employees twice per calendar year in the form of short emails that Loras will create.

Questions? Let’s get in touch.

Heidi M Nelson
Director of Graduate and Continuing Education Programs


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