Emma McLaughlin (’21)
Spanish and Elementary Education
Boylan Central Catholic High School, Rockford Illinois

Emma McLaughlin (’21)
Spanish and Elementary Education with an Instructional Strategist endorsement

List your on-campus (and off-campus) involvement:

  • Loras Women’s Volleyball
  • Executive Board for Du-Buddies
  • Admission Student Ambassador program
  • Residence Life 
  • Dubuque YMCA School Aged Child Care

What advice would you give a high school student in their college search?
Find a school that feels like home and has your desired program or major, everything else will work out if you have those two aspects.

Share a situation that has positively influenced you at Loras. 
Dr. Hilarie Welsh has been a positive influence in my life since I arrived at Loras as my professor and advisor. She has pushed me to be a better student and person by creating opportunities and being a role model both in life and education. Dr. Welsh has individualized my education, advocated for me, and influenced my future more than she knows.

Why do you love Loras College?
I am so grateful for the opportunities the Loras community has provided me. Being a Duhawk gives you a lifelong community that continues to create opportunities and provide support in all aspects of life.