Interfaith Leaders Program

Learning to lead others toward a deeper, more informed fellowship

“In our time, when day by day . . . the ties between different peoples are becoming stronger, the Church examines more closely her relationship to non-Christian religions. In her task of promoting unity and love among men, indeed among nations, she considers above all . . . what men have in common and what draws them to fellowship.”

Nostra Aetate, Declaration of the Church to Non-Christian Religions,
Proclaimed by Pope Paul VI, October 28, 1965.

Interfaith Leaders Program

In the Loras Program for Interfaith Leaders, students learn how people orient around religion differently, and they discover in themselves abilities to interact with people of diverse religious and worldview backgrounds. The program hopes that, through careful study, self-reflection, and responsible service, students will learn to lead others toward a deeper, more informed fellowship. Interfaith Leaders will be awarded an annual scholarship of $1,000.

Required Courses
  • Leadership Seminar (1 credit lab in 3-credit course on leadership studies)
  • World Religions (3 credits)
  • Interfaith J Term (3 credits)
  • Interfaith Seminar I (1 credit)
  • Interfaith Seminar II (1 credit)
  • Internship and Portfolio (3 credits)
    TOTAL 12 credits
Unique Features
  • Integrated curricular and co-curricular experience
  • Participants gain leadership experiences by partnering with diverse worldview and religious groups
  • Cohort model aids students in crafting meaningful connections during their time in the program
  • J Term experiences may include travel to India and/or engagement with local religious diversity
  • Opportunities to participate in community-based research with a team of students and faculty
Criteria to Qualify
  • Apply and be admitted to Loras College
  • Complete the Interfaith Leaders Program application and submit all supporting materials by March 1
Application Process
  • Students admitted to the college may apply for this program scholarship. The scholarship application can be found on the Student Status page.
  • Students are encouraged to complete their application by the March 1st priority deadline.

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