Dr. Kate Cooper’s passion for her work and for the students is reflective of the commitment of Loras faculty, and is evident in her approach to teaching and the respect she gains from students.

“Loras is a great community where I can teach our majors several times through their college experience and see them progress and mature. That connection with students is extremely fulfilling.”

Dr. Cooper is dedicated to bringing interest and excitement about biology to the classroom and envisions a myriad of opportunities outside the classroom for students in the future.

“I strive to always incorporate real world application of class material, like ‘Disease Friday’ every week in immunology class, where we learn about how the biology we’re studying relates to some terrible and horrendous disease. Believe it or not, this is actually a favorite and highly anticipated day for the students!”

Additional resources could expose and educate students about more aspects of biology and science. Increasing student exposure to cutting-edge research and advances in science makes them even more prepared for careers or graduate school. Cooper explains that funding more scholarships and endowing programs provides students with more opportunities to participate in important co-curricular activities like independent research projects with professors.


Campaign gifts have allowed Loras to directly support students in the sciences, by renovating parts of the St. Joseph Hall of Science, adding a student lounge, equipping a new kinesiology laboratory and even adding a mouse colony used by neuroscience students. Furthermore, your gifts have grown and launched numerous scholarships and research support grants for science students, like the Ken Kraus Chemistry and Biochemistry Summer Research Fund, honoring Loras Professor Emeritus of Chemistry Kenneth Kraus, Ph.D (’57).

Faculty like Dr. Cooper look at current students and see visions of what they might become, particularly if provided expanded opportunities.

“Our students have had great success, but I wonder what they could do if we had additional programs and opportunities available to them.”

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