The Loras Fund

The Loras Fund is the foundation for all basic operations of the College

Provides the necessary financial stability for Loras to function in the distinctive manner of the Catholic tradition. It is the roots by which all daily functions of the College live and thrive, and with your help, we can make it grow.


Contributions to the Loras Fund create opportunities for students to study abroad, help others on service trips and find suitable internships. Donations also provide financial aid, technology in classrooms, instruments in laboratories and equipment for athletics. This barely scratches the surface. If it is happening at Loras College, chances are the Loras Fund had something to do with it.

By contributing to the Loras Fund! Every contribution makes a difference in the lives of students and helps maintain and enhance the community of active learners and responsible contributors that is Loras College. You can do that and so much more with a gift to the Loras Fund.

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