Applied Physics Minor

Discover fundamental truths and basic concepts for a practical purpose with a Minor in Applied Physics

Adding an applied physics minor to your Loras College degree emphasizes utilization of scientific principles in practical devices and systems.

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As a Loras student, you have the opportunity to enhance your educational experience by adding one or more minors. We encourage students to take advantage of opportunities to study abroad, engage in community outreach, explore internships and get involved in the many student and academic organizations available.


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Modern Physics
A discussion of the modern knowledge of the nature and properties of electrons, photons, atoms and molecules. Topics include the fundamental experiments of quantum physics, atomic spectra and structure, special relativity, and an introduction to quantum mechanics.

This course engages students in an exploration of the utility of scientific models in interpreting the vast complexity in the observable universe. The scientific models are developed through student-centered observations and explorations. The objectives of this course are to promote quantitative as well as qualitative skills in the study of celestial observations and motions, the analysis of astrophysical spectra, comparative planetary geology, and the structure of stars and galaxies as well as their genesis and evolution.

Physics for Scientists & Engineers I
Introductory calculus-based physics that satisfies requirements for programs in the mathematical, engineering, chemical and physical sciences. Topics include mechanics, heat, and sound. Four class periods and one three-hour laboratory period per week.

Calculus of One Variable I
A study of the basic concepts and techniques of analytic geometry, differential and integral calculus of functions of one variable, and applications to calculus-based models.

Physics for Scientists & Engineers II
A continuation of L.PHY-223. Introductory calculus-based physics that satisfies requirements for programs in the mathematical, engineering, chemical and physical sciences. Topics include electricity, magnetism and optics, as well as introductory quantum, atomic and nuclear physics.


Applied Physics Minor Requirements

Requirements for the minor in Applied Physics:
L.PHY-223-224 or equivalent is a prerequisite for all courses numbered 300 or higher.

Req Course Cr’s
1 Calculus of One Variable I 4
2 Calculus of One Variable II 4
3 Astronomy-AH 4
4 Physics for Scientists and Engineers I 5
5 Physics for Scientists and Engineers II 5
6 Physics Lab I 0
7 Physics Lab II 0
8 Modern Physics 3
9 Analytic Geometry and Calculus III 4
29 total required credits


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