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Fides et Ratio Scholarship

The Fides et Ratio Scholarship aids students pursuing either a minor in Catholic Studies, or a minor or major in Religious Studies and Theology. The goal of this scholarship is to equip Loras College students with the intellectual background to practice their faith as strong parish leaders following graduation. Learn more about the Fides et Ratio Scholarship.


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Belief, Unbelief & the Good Life
The course examines arguments for and against the existence of God and studies how these arguments affect a comprehension of the moral life and the value of human behavior. The course will begin with a study of “virtue ethics” and will use this ethical theory as a basis for dialogue with the ethics of the non-Christian belief systems of Feuerbach, Marx, Freud, and Nietzsche. Students will develop the tools to make ethical decisions about critical issues facing the human community.

Little Less Than a God
This J-Term travel course to Italy focuses on religious conceptions of the human person across time and place. It will offer a comparative analysis of distinct perspectives on the human person as expressed by Christians of different eras, locations, and theological perspectives, as well as the cultures in which Christianity is rooted. By studying the cultural histories, theological perspectives, and works of art and architecture, students will encounter the diverse influences that have given shape to the self-understandings and religious imaginations of Western Christians today. This course is cross-listed as L.RST-227. The courses are identical but transcripts will reflect the course number (L.RST or L.CTL) that a student registers for and completes.

Human Dignity & Human Rights
This course will examine the lives and creative output of three twentieth-century American Catholics: Flannery O’Connor (1925-1964), Dorothy Day (1897-1980), and Fulton Sheen (1895-1979). We will attempt to uncover these individuals’ convictions about sacramentality, mediation, and communion. We will investigate how they were shaped by Catholic perspectives and American culture and how they shaped Catholic perspectives and American culture. We will pay special attention to the claims made by each of these individuals about human dignity and human rights.

All for One, One for All
An investigation into questions surrounding the responsibilities of the individual to the community as evident in the work of three Nobel prize-winning authors- Francois Mauriac, Albert Camus and Samuel Beckett. We will examine the notions of choice, free will, personal identity and faith, and discuss ways in which these notions function within the framework of the novels/plays chosen for the semester.

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Catholic Studies Minor Requirements

Requirements for minor in Catholic Studies:
Select two from Req 2 (Philosophy, Religion and Theology)

Req Course Cr’s
1 The Catholic Heritage 3
2 Belief, Unbelief and the Good Life-AV 3
2 Human Identity in Community-AI 3
2 Bioethics, Society and Culture 3
2 Foundations of Ethics 3
2 Neuroethics-AV 3
2 Medieval Philosophy 3
2 Philosophy of God and Religion 3
2 Jesus and the Gospels-EI 3
2 Community of Hope-EI 3
2 Worship: Foretaste of Heaven-EC 3
2 Catholic Church in Latin America 3
2 Foundations for Ministry 3
2 Eucharist: Banquet of Justice 3
2 Christian Sexual Morality-AV 3
2 Science, Faith, and Knowledge 3
2 Seminar on the Letters of St. Paul 3
2 Councils, Creeds and Culture-AC 3
2 Christ and Culture-AC 3
2 Sacraments: Catholic Identity in Community-AI 3
2 Catholic Social Teaching 3
Select one from Req 3 (History and Social Science)
3 God, Catholicism & Capitalism-AV 3
3 Introduction to Latin American History 3
3 Catholi-Schism Controversy-AI 3
3 American Catholics, Sexual Morality & Public Policy 3
3 Kings & Conversions: Medieval Europe 476-1075 3
3 Love & Reason: Medieval Europe 1075-1530 3
3 The Reformation-AI 3
3 Medieval Christianity 3
3 U.S. Catholicism 3
3 Philosophy and the Rise of Christianity-AC 3
3 War and Pacifism-AV, VX 3
3 Martyrs, Mendicants, Masterpieces-AC 3
3 Little Less Than a God-AC 3
3 Catholicism Encounters Modernity-AC 3
3 Communication for Communion-AC 3
3 Intro to Peace & Justice 3
Select one from Req 4 (Literature and the Arts)
4 All for One, One for All-AI 3
4 Modern Irish Literature and Culture 3
4 Medieval/Renaissance British Literature 3
4 History of Sacred Music-AA 3
4 Christianity, Film and the Arts-AA 3
4 Ethics in Philosophy, Literature and Film-AV 3
4 God’s Literature: Introduction to New Testament-AA 3
4 Roman Catholic Sacred Spaces 3
4 Bible and Literature 3
4 Catholic Liturgical Music in Theology and Practice 3
Select two from Req 5 (Electives)
5 Two of any of the courses listed above 6
21 total required credits

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