The Limestone Review

The Loras Student Literary/Scholarly Publication

Loas College Limestone Review The Limestone Review features student writing in the area of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and scholarly essay. Students submit work for the magazine and get involved in the reading and writing process. Faculty members edit the final publication.

Works from The Limestone Review have won at least one first place, second place or honorable mention in the Delta Epsilon Sigma (DES) national writing competition for 28 consecutive years.

Loras has a rich tradition of literary/scholarly student publications. The Limestone Review is the merger of a series of publications in Loras’ history, including The Spokesman, Outlet and Alpha. The Spokesman ran from 1903-1970. In 1974 the College’s literary tradition was revived with the first annual issue of Outlet. The year 1985 saw the initiation of another student publication then called Loras College Delta Epsilon Sigma All-College Writing, later to be renamed Alpha. In 2010, Outlet and Alpha united to form The Limestone Review, co-sponsored by the English Program and Delta Epsilon Sigma.

For a print copy of The Limestone Review, send $5 for shipping to Dr. Kevin Koch, Box 118, Loras College, Dubuque, IA 52001. You may also request an electronic copy for no charge by emailing kevin.koch@loras.

A thorough collection of past literary/scholarly publications is maintained in the College Archives. Visit for additional information.

We have had many excellent student writers, not just in recent years but across the decades. Many of our students have won national awards and publications for their writing. I’m very proud of all the work that appears in all four genres of The Limestone Review.”

Kevin Koch, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Limestone Review Faculty Editor


Dr. Koch’s comments appeared on Loras’s Duhawk Digest podcast, sharing his experiences working with students and his personal writing history.

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Kevin Koch, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Limestone Review Faculty Advisor