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The Finance Major at Loras College is directed toward students seeking careers in the financial services industry, as well as those wishing to enhance their knowledge and skills of finance for other personal and professional endeavors. We are incredibly unique and striving for academic differentiation offering preparation for the CPA, CFP, and CFA.

The financial services industry includes careers in banking, insurance, pension management, corporate finance and investments. Our students have been successful in securing fulfilling career positions in these areas at companies like Goldman Sachs, Principal Financial, Prudential, Heartland Financial, Lazard Ltd, IBM, the Chicago Board of Trade and many others.

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CFA Affiliiated

The Loras College Finance Program is a CFA University Affiliation Program Partner, preparing students to take their initial CFA exam in preparation for the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation. The CFA Program sets a standard for developing the skills, standards, competence, and integrity of financial analysts, portfolio managers, investment advisers, and other investment professionals worldwide. It is widely considered the investment profession’s most rigorous credentialing program.

Student Experience

Finance students have an array of opportunities for extracurricular experience. From our LIFE Portfolio class to off-campus internships, we encourage you to be involved on and off-campus.

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The Launch Into Life: A Guidebook to Personal Finance was developed as a class project for college seniors and new alumni.


Preparing for the future can be a daunting task, as we are faced with many important and often life-changing decisions. In order to make informed financial and life decisions, we need well-planned goals, relevant information, and the confidence to follow through on making those decisions.

With every decision there is risk, and information is the key to moderating that risk. The Launch Into Life: A Guidebook to Personal Finance was developed as a class project for college seniors and new alumni:

  • to assist you in charting a path to achieve your financial goals
  • to provide you with resourceful information so you can make informed financial decisions with confidence, persistence, and the hope of creating a better world than the one given to you

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One of the most novel offerings for business related majors is the LIFE Portfolio Class where students actually manage part of the Loras College endowment in the stock market. The students have not only learned firsthand how to select and manage investments, they have in most periods garnered exceptional returns.

Loras’ Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) chapter provides opportunities for our students to learn more about finance and business careers as well as network with professionals in finance and the business field. The club also provides students the opportunity to compete at the state and national levels in finance-related events and a broad range of other business-related topics.

One of the most popular campus events sponsored by our finance students is the Stock Market Game competition. Those who participate compete against each other by simulated investing in the stock market to grow the largest portfolio. Those who are at the top at the end of the competition each semester win valuable prizes. It is not only a tremendous learning opportunity for those who participate, it is also a fun activity, pitting student against student and student against faculty. The number of participants each semester has grown to over 80.

There is strong support for internships part-time during the academic year or full-time during your senior spring semester or summer. Duhawk alumni are active in helping our finance students find great internships.

Student Learning Outcomes


Student Learning Outcomes – Finance 
1 The ability to analyze financial statements to evaluate company performance and strategy.
2 The ability to apply time value of money concepts to analyze the capital budgeting decisions and capital structure choices of businesses
3 Understanding of the concept of market efficiency and ability to analyze and evaluate/value a variety of financial assets
4 Understanding of the multiple types of exchange rate risk and how analyzing and applying strategies companies use to mitigate this risk
5 Analyzing the workings of financial markets and financial institutions and the importance of asymmetric information
6 The ability to apply theoretical, classroom learning in real-world settings
7 Ability to effectively communicate financial analysis as expected across professional settings
8 Demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to apply ethical standards, including Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and fiduciary principles, to moral dilemmas in finance


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Morals and Money
‘What is right, and what is wrong? What are my values? How do my values impact my decisions?’ This class will answer these questions by examining three distinct topics where money and morals/ethics are intertwined.

Entrepreneurial Experience
This course studies entrepreneurship as a process of economic and/or social value creation, rather than the single event of opening a business. Reflecting on recent research, the course focuses on opportunity recognition, assembly of the financial and human resources needed to develop the idea, and launching the new venture.

Advertising/ Marketing Communications
Introduces students to advertising’s/marketing communication’s role as a vital tool in the distribution of goods and services. It is structured to meet the needs of those wishing to secure a solid foundation for further work in the field as well as aiding those who seek a basic knowledge of the place of advertising/marketing communication in the business and social environment.

International Finance
This course examines issues that arise from conducting business or investing in multiple national currencies. Students will learn how to value projects or investment vehicles in countries using a currency other than the home currency of a business or investor. Difficulties that arise from various types of cross-currency risk are examined, as are strategies that can be employed to mitigate those risks, including the use of financial derivatives like futures, options, and swaps.

An introductory course covering the principles of security analysis and valuation of stocks and bonds. An in depth study of the value and growth approach to investing. Students will be responsible for best practice readings from the world of finance along with several projects and research assignments designed to increase their understanding of security analysis.

Finance Courses

Major Requirements

Students will complete the following requirements in order to achieve a major in Finance. 

Career Opportunities

“What can you do with a Finance degree?”

As a Finance major, you will be prepared for a variety of interesting careers.

  • Accountant
  • Financial Advisor
  • Auditor
  • Loan Officer
  • Banking
  • Budget Analyst
  • Insurance

Supporting Your Investment

Loras takes great pride in supporting your investment – both through providing an exceptional learning experience and in sharing the cost of your degree. 100% of Loras students receive financial aid. We have scholarships, grants and special awards for all students based on their achievements and financial need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to earn my Loras degree?

Most students earn their undergraduate degree in four years or less. If you have questions about transferring any previously earned credits or degrees, please see our Transfer Student Information.

How much is tuition?

At Loras College, financial access to education is one of our defining values. We are committed to helping all of our students make their degree affordable. We partner with every student and family to understand their unique financial needs ensuring 100% of Loras students receive financial aid. Scholarships, grants and special awards are offered to all students based on their achievements and financial need. Loras has consistently ranked as one of the best universities for return on investment.  View our Tuition and Fees page.

How do I apply for schlarships and financial aid?

Submit your federal FAFSA, apply to Loras College and review our financial aid resources for detailed information, scholarship opportunities and much more.

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Name: Amanda Rodriguez
Class Year: 2016
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Major: Business Management and Social Work

“Financial aid has given me the opportunity to work toward receiving a college degree. I would not be here without the support of Loras College. Thank you for giving me a chance at a bright future. I’m just one of many students who benefit from scholarships and financial aid.”

Amanda Rodriguez (’16)

Straight Talk from a Duhawk

"Financial aid has given me the opportunity…"

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