Immerse yourself in the world of marketing with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

As a Marketing major, you’ll combine active learning and real experiences with a flexible curriculum incorporating an integrated global perspective. This produces well-prepared and valued graduates to meet employment demand that’s expected to rise by about 30% for marketing roles through 2022 (Occupational Outlook Handbook).

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Student Experience

Students are able to choose from a variety of marketing elective courses such as Consumer Behavior, International Marketing, Retail Administration, Advertising, Sales Management and Internet Marketing, which can be tailored to a specific career interest.

The education and experiences offered prepare students for successful careers in large, midsized and small businesses in careers as well as the pursuit of graduate degrees. Over the past 5 years, over 95% of our Business students have reported to have secured a job or have enrolled in graduate school.

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Over the past 5 years, 95% of our Business students have reported to have secured a job or have enrolled in graduate school.

  • Internships – Local and national, large and small organizations, businesses and not-for-profit organizations (McGraw Hill, Crescent Electric, Dubuque Chamber of Commerce, ConAgra Foods)
  • Placement – Graduates working in Sales, Retailing, Advertising , Supply Chain Management, Brand/Marketing Management for Nike, Leo Burnett, Eagle Window, McGraw Hill

Loras College offers a Marketing Club for interested students.

Marketing majors will find great networking opportunities through the club, including local and regional marketing tours and presentations.

The Marketing Club also focuses on service through its adopted section of Highway 20.

Student Learning Outcomes


Student Learning Outcomes – Marketing 
1. Demonstrate the ability to collect, analyze and synthesize data to inform business decisions
2. Demonstrate proficiency in oral and written communications appropriate for a professional business setting
3. Demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to apply principles of Catholic Social Teaching (CST) to moral dilemmas in business
4. Demonstrate the ability to work effectively as a member of a group
5. Demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to apply the process of marketing
6. Demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to apply marketing specific skills, paradigms, tools and theories to marketing issues
7. Demonstrate the ability to analyze and synthesize the impact of the external environment on the marketer’s decision making



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Marketing Ethics
This course takes a managerial approach that integrates the theory and concepts a marketing manager must comprehend in order to make effective and morally acceptable marketing decisions, especially in the areas of product, place, pricing and promotion, and the moral issues related to them. Students will consider how to move beyond standard business methods of making decisions to learning how to make ethical and moral marketing decisions through applying key ethical theories to the challenges faced by a marketer. Students will consider the following questions: how can a marketer identify ethical issues? How can a marketer apply different ethical theories to a marketing decision? What should a marketer do when faced with a moral dilemma?

International Marketing
This course provides a global orientation to the study of marketing. The cultural environment of the global marketer is reviewed throughout every area of the course. All marketing decisions are studied through an understanding and appreciation of different cultures. Within this context, the course will cover how to assess global marketing opportunities and how to develop global marketing strategies.

Personal Financial Planning
This course overviews personal financial planning issues and tools with topics that include goal setting, managing cash and budgeting, taxes, wise use of credit, purchasing decisions, risk management, investments and retirement and estate planning. Ethics and values in personal finance will also be addressed.

Advertising/Marketing Communications
Introduces students to advertising’s/marketing communication’s role as a vital tool in the distribution of goods and services. It is structured to meet the needs of those wishing to secure a solid foundation for further work in the field as well as aiding those who seek a basic knowledge of the place of advertising/marketing communication in the business and social environment.

Marketing Management
This course explores the problems confronting marketing managers in the formation of marketing policies using an experiential-based approach to the comprehensive study and analysis. Active learning assignments, a marketing simulation and a marketing plan may be included in the course. Active learning assignments, a marketing simulation and a marketing plan may be included in the course

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Major Requirements

Students will complete the following requirements to achieve a major or minor in Marketing. 

Career Opportunities

“What can you do with a Marketing degree?”

As a Marketing major, you will be prepared for a variety of interesting careers.

  • Marketing Analyst
  • Business Development Representative
  • Sales Representative
  • Account Executive
  • Merchandising
  • Social Media Specialist

Supporting Your Investment

Loras takes great pride in supporting your investment – both through providing an exceptional learning experience and in sharing the cost of your degree. 100% of Loras students receive financial aid. We have scholarships, grants and special awards for all students based on their achievements and financial need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to earn my Loras degree?

Most students earn their undergraduate degree in four years or less. If you have questions about transferring any previously earned credits or degrees, please see our Transfer Student Information.

How much is tuition?

At Loras College, financial access to education is one of our defining values. We are committed to helping all of our students make their degree affordable. We partner with every student and family to understand their unique financial needs ensuring 100% of Loras students receive financial aid. Scholarships, grants and special awards are offered to all students based on their achievements and financial need. Loras is consistently ranked as one of the best universities for return on investment.  View our Tuition and Fees page.

How do I apply for schlarships and financial aid?

Submit your federal FAFSA, apply to Loras College and review our financial aid resources for detailed information, scholarship opportunities and much more.