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Media Studies majors have something to say. Whether it be through a film, documentary, news, commercial, live sports broadcast, social media or animation, Loras Media Studies students seek to bring their creative content to the world. Quite literally.

Our students travel the globe creating films and reports, everywhere from the Caribbean to Europe to Asia. They consistently win more awards than any other college or university in Iowa by a large margin, and that’s why they are always in great demand by employers.

You simply will not find another small college that offers more quality, breadth and depth of study in the media field. We prioritize our students’ opportunities to learn on day one and set the bar high, challenging you to push further than you’ve dreamed. If you have something to say, and want to perfect its delivery, the Media Studies program at Loras is the right choice for you.

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Student Experience

We prioritize our students’ opportunities to learn BY DOING on day 1, NOT year 3 or 4. We set the bar high and challenge you to push further than you’ve dreamed and that’s why Loras Media Studies students succeed.

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Learn more about the Loras Media Studies program, internship opportunities and preview some great work our students have done.

  • Media Studies Internship Opportunities
    • Loras Media Studies are in demand and land outstanding internships all over the country in a wide variety of media fields. Recently, our students have interned in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Memphis, Orlando, Nashville, Madison, Rockford, and of course, right here in Dubuque. Employers know the quality they are getting with a Loras Media Studies student and continue to seek our students year after year.
  • Sample Video Clips from Media Studies Students
  • Photo Gallery of Students

Loras College Television (LCTV) – STATION OF THE YEAR
LCTV is the Iowa College Media Association’s “Station of the Year” for the 11th straight year!

You will simply NOT find another small college that offers more quality, breadth and depth of study in the media field.

Consider that in just the past few years, we’ve:

  • Produced documentary films in China and Germany
  • Created international productions in France, Italy, and Greece
  • Consistently won Best Newscast and Best Sportscast amongst all colleges/universities in Iowa
  • Created a powerful educational film in Haiti
  • Produced and directed narrative, short films on the Gulf Coast
  • Won more broadcast journalism awards than any other college/university in Iowa by a wide margin
  • And so much more!


  • Extremely high job placement rate
  • Proven track record of success
  • Innovative curriculum
  • Hands on, experiential learning
  • Award-winning faculty
  • Breadth and depth of learning experiences other colleges can’t match
  • Tremendous internships
  • State of the art facilities, including Digital Media Lab and HD studio
  • Creative, critical thinking development
  • Consistently the most award-winning program in the state

Student Learning Outcomes


Student Learning Outcomes – Media Studies
1. Students will apply  the principles and practices of the media
2. Students will create media texts within an ethical framework
3. Students will produce media messages with creative ability
4. Students will utilize the tools and technologies of the media industry
5. Students will conduct research and evaluate information by methods appropriate to media studies
6. Students will be proficient in media and academic writing
7. Students will critically analyze media texts



View Highlighted Courses

Introduction to Television Production
A study of the creative and applied aspects of media production. Includes theoretical, practical, aesthetic and audience study in developing, writing, producing, shooting, and editing creative media productions.

Experimental Video
This course will explore the theory, criticism, and production of experimental video. Students will become acquainted with the purpose and motivation of experimental video in relationship to narrative and documentary forms.

Electronic Field Production
Creative video production in out-of-studio locations; includes concept development, audience analysis, cinematography, audio sweetening, lighting, digital editing. Includes the creation of commercials, dramatic and documentary production.

News Analysis
An examination of the selection, content, and delivery of local and national news in a variety of media platforms. Students will engage a variety of news sources in order to gain a greater understanding of the media’s role in determining what constitutes news. Hands-on, practical application of journalistic news making also required.

World Cinema
An international survey focusing on films of cultural, historic, and artistic significance. The course utilizes film history and film theory to introduce students to the diversity of motion pictures as an art form and as a transmitter of culture.

Identity & Community in Rock & Roll
A survey of the historical progression of rock and roll from its pre-rock origins to the present. The course focuses on how rock music has given a voice and identity to various subcultures of the past 50 years.

Global Filmmaking
A creative production course in which students travel to international and/or domestic locations to produce a film. As a production unit, students will engage in all elements of the production process, including research, writing, cinematography, editing, and distribution. The location, genre, and film style of each production will vary each year. Indicative work includes documentary, ethnographic, and narrative filmmaking.

Media Studies Practicum
Hands-on experience at the campus TV station. Experiences may include on-air talent, reporting, producing, news writing, editing, and management.

Media Convergence
An examination of the methodologies, trends, and practices of social media technology. Extensive work in application of those technologies for mobile content creators.

Motion Graphics
This is an upper level, creative production course applying the concepts, techniques, and skills of motion graphics using Adobe After Effects. Through exercises and the process of creating their own unique work, students will develop an understanding of a variety of technical and conceptual methods when executing idea into form for both commercial and creative productions.

Media Studies Capstone
A seminar-style course requiring the student to prepare a major visual media production or research paper for presentation in the spring semester. The course will explore a variety of advanced media topics.

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Major & Minor Requirements

Students will complete the following requirements in order to achieve a major or minor in Media Studies. 

Career Opportunities

“What can you do with a Media Studies degree?”

As a Media Studies major, you will be prepared for a variety of creative careers.

  • Digital Content Producer
  • Film Director/Editor
  • Social Media Manager
  • News/Sports Journalist/Announcer
  • Director of Photography
  • Creative Advertising Specialist
  • Documentary Producer
  • Commercial/Corporate Marketing Producer
  • Artist
  • Web Designer

Supporting Your Investment

Loras takes great pride in supporting your investment – both through providing an exceptional learning experience and in sharing the cost of your degree. 100% of Loras students receive financial aid. We have scholarships, grants and special awards for all students based on their achievements and financial need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to earn my Loras degree?

Most students earn their undergraduate degree in four years or less. If you have questions about transferring any previously earned credits or degrees, please see our Transfer Student Information.

How much is tuition?

At Loras College, financial access to education is one of our defining values. We are committed to helping all of our students make their degree affordable. We partner with every student and family to understand their unique financial needs ensuring 100% of Loras students receive financial aid. Scholarships, grants and special awards are offered to all students based on their achievements and financial need. Loras is consistently ranked as one of the best universities for return on investment.  View our Tuition and Fees page.

How do I apply for schlarships and financial aid?

Submit your federal FAFSA, apply to Loras College and review our financial aid resources for detailed information, scholarship opportunities and much more.

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