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The minor in Interdisciplinary Ethics promotes the study of ethics and morality across disciplinary perspectives and therefore can complement a variety of primary majors. Coursework includes both theoretical and applied ethics and integrates Christian and Catholic perspectives as distinctive of the Loras College mission. Coursework in our ethics minor will study contemporary social ethical concerns, the nature of moral reasoning, historical development in ethical perspectives, distinctive features of the Catholic moral tradition, and the application of ethical norms to various disciplines and fields of study.

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The development of the program curriculum was a collaborative effort from faculty in both the Noonan School of Business and the humanities. It integrates course options from several disciplines while also providing a core centered in critical ethical reasoning and the Catholic moral tradition. The program  responds to both our own sense of mission at Loras college as well as the desires of potential employers who have expressed a need for thoughtful graduates who are trained in ethical reasoning.

Ethics Minor Requirements

Division of Philosophical, Religious, Theological, Social & Cultural Studies
Christoffer Lammer-Heindel, Ph.D., Chair

Requirements for the minor in Ethics:
Students may complete concentrations within the minor through selection of electives and the research or practicum project chosen in the interdisciplinary integrative course. This course consists of directed experiential learning and/or research and a defense. Students will choose two faculty readers in addition to the course instructor. Usually the first reader will be chosen from within a student’s major program of study. The director of the minor will be the primary instructor of the  interdisciplinary integrative course and will oversee all student research and practicum projects.

Req Introductory Course Cr’s
1 Elective: Introductory Elective 3
Intermediate Courses
2 Catholic Social Teaching-VX 3
3 Elective: Professional Ethics Elective 3
4 Elective: Take one course 200+ level Elective 3
5 Foundations of Ethics 3
Interdisciplinary Integrative Course
6 Interdisciplinary Ethics Seminar: Research and Application 3
Prerequisites: L.RST-271: Catholic Social Teaching of L.RST-370/L.PHI-301: Foundations of Ethics. Course is restricted to Junior and Senior students only. 3
18 total required credits

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