Peace and Justice Minor

Explore the dynamics of peaceful conflict resolution with a minor in Peace and Justice

The Peace and Justice minor challenges students to better understand the dynamics of peaceful conflict resolution at the interpersonal, local, national, and international levels, especially within the context of the Catholic tradition. The program is designed to make connections between genuine peace and a just social order, one marked by equality, liberty, dignity, security, civility, and sustainability.

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Introduction to Peace and Justice
In this course we will examine the critical concepts, methods, and challenges facing individuals who aspire to help bring peace to persons whose lives are marked by injustice. The course will provide a foundational exploration of social justice concepts, issues, and remedies thereby developing the necessary analytical tools and information to assess injustice and inequality and to suggest changes that need to be made to better these situations

Environmental Issues in Costa Rica
This course is a 12-day study travel field course in Costa Rica. Students will visit and compare three different forest ecosystems: tropical wet forest, tropical dry forest, and high elevation tropical cloud forest. Environmental issues including hydroelectric power, rainforest logging, agricultural land use, coffee production, and maintenance of biodiversity will be discussed. Not open to first year students.

Ethical Considerations in Criminal Justice
This course is an examination of ethical considerations within the context of decision-making by criminal justice practitioners and policies of the American criminal justice system. As such, the course will examine morality, ethics, and human behavior from the perspective of various ethical philosophies and their application to a system of social control agencies. In addition, specific ethical dilemmas and controversies associated with the administration of justice in law enforcement, the judiciary, and corrections, as major components of the criminal justice system, will be addressed.

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Minor Requirements

Requirements for minor in Peace and Justice:

Students should contact the program’s co-chairs for details and a list of approved electives.

Req Course Cr’s
1 Introduction to Peace and Justice 3
2 Peace and Justice Elective 3
3 Peace and Justice Elective 3
4 Peace and Justice Elective 3
5 Peace and Justice Elective 3
6 Peace and Justice Elective 3
7 Experiential learning component 1
19 total required credits

Sampling of Elective Courses for Peace and Justice Minor
Restorative Justice: A Global Approach to Crime Prevention
Teaching for Social Justice
Multicultural Education
Writing for Social Action
The Sustainable Community
Imperial Geographies
Social Justice Today
Environmental Ethics
Catholic Social Teachings
Social Justice Practicum
Identity and Alternative Lifestyles

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