Follow your passion for Philosophy

Philosophy is the attempt to make rational sense of all things. As such, it tries to discover and explain the ultimate origin, purpose and meaning of everything, especially human existence. For this reason, philosophy is one of life’s most practical pursuits. Philosophy helps in the search for the definitive meaning of life, a pursuit that cannot be avoided if a person is truly interested in living well and finding genuine happiness, both personally and in a chosen profession, vocation or career.

Loras Philosophy majors benefit from a strong values component, with emphasis on refining student’s ethical decision-making. The skills taught complement nearly every other major, helping Philosophy students consistently rank in the top percentiles on exams such as the GRE and LSAT.


After receiving your degree from Loras, your career could take off into one of these fields:

  • Lawyer
  • University professor
  • Restaurant manager
  • Catholic priest
  • Bookstore manager
  • Professional Singer-Songwriter
  • Software Designer