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Explore your skills in connecting with the people with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations

The Public Relations major at Loras prepares students to work in a variety of professional fields including entertainment, politics, event planning, sports promotion, and community relations. Students learn the necessary skills to complete amazing internships, conduct relevant research, understand audiences, and secure future employment. Additionally, students have access to a digital learning lab with creative computer software programs to prepare them for the ever-changing technological expectations of the industry.

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Student Experience

Overwhelmingly, Public Relations majors assume student leadership roles on campus for organizations such as Dance Marathon, college activities board, student government, mediation and mock trial. Public Relations students also participate in field-related campus organizations such as The Lorian newspaper and LCTV and KLCR radio.

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Overwhelmingly, PR majors assume student leadership roles on campus for organizations such as Dance Marathon, college activities board, student government, mediation and mock trial. PR students also participate in field-related campus organizations such as The Lorian newspaper, LCTV and KLCR radio.

Public Relations students have also completed competitively-awarded internships with the following organizations:

  • Edelman – Chicago
  • MTV – New York
  • University of Illinois School of Medicine
  • The Chicago Bulls
  • Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa
  • CBS Sports Network
  • American Red Cross
  • Discovery Communications
  • Chicago Children’s Museum
  • DuPont Pioneer

Sean Brennan
“Being a Public Relations major at Loras has greatly impacted my life both personally and professionally. As an intern at CBS Sports Network this past summer, my Loras education allowed me to make a positive impression with the company, so much so that I have been asked to return this upcoming summer. The benefits from in the classroom are comparable to the benefits I learned about life after college. Whether it be practical, such as help for my resume, or less tangible such as communicating in the business world, I have had experiences at Loras that will positively influence my life for years to come.”

Easton Kuboushek
“Majoring in Public Relations at Loras has driven me to places I never thought I could reach. From leadership roles on campus to full-time internships over the summer – Loras PR is the real deal. This past summer I was able to attain a Public Affairs internship with DuPont Pioneer, one of the largest biotech companies in the United States. Without the experiences I had both in the classroom and on campus, along with the help of my professors, I would have never had the outstanding success in my young career.”

Loras’ Public Relations program prepares students to get jobs in fields such as public information, investor relations, public affairs, corporate communication, employee relations, marketing or product publicity, and consumer service or customer relations.

Being a PR major is fun! Fourth-floor Hoffmann is always hopping–students and professors work on group projects, discuss current events and enjoy lively classroom experiences.

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Student Learning Outcomes


Student Learning Outcomes – Public Relations 
1. Deliver oral presentations that communicate ideas and information in order to influence diverse audiences.
2. Demonstrate skills and knowledge necessary for formal academic writing.
3. Construct written artifacts appropriate to, and essential for the Public Relations profession.
4. Apply the principles, practices, and strategic skills of Public Relations that affect organizations, stakeholders, media and various publics.
5. Perform roles and functions associated with effective group communication.



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Go Dog Go: The Human/Canine Connection
“Man’s (sic) best friend,” “It’s a dog’s life,” “Fighting like cats and dogs.” These are more than sayings and phrases linked to a popular domestic animal. They are cultural references to the many communicative characteristics of the canine. In addition to their long-time role of family pet, herder, and police support staff, dogs are increasingly used for disability assistance, prisoner rehabilitation and nursing home fellowship. This course will immerse students in selected communication theories. Specifically, the course examines communication concepts such as perception, emotions, interpersonal interaction, compliance gaining, verbal messages and nonverbal messages. The course will also expose students to professionals who train and utilize dogs for their many communicative abilities. Students will complete service work.

Mass Communication
A wide-ranging survey of the history, functions, effects, social issues and ethical responsibilities of the media. Includes theory grounded in mass communication. A minimum grade of C is required for students majoring in media studies or public relations.

Experimental Video
This course will explore the theory, criticism, and production of experimental video. Students will become acquainted with the purpose and motivation of experimental video in relationship to narrative and documentary forms.  

Interpersonal Communication
This course embraces three themes central to the “Identity and Community” category. The themes include (1) person-to-person interaction with friends, family members, romantic partners, and co-workers; (2) how the roles of community, culture, and gender influence person-to-person interactions; and (3) how technology and media influence person-to-­person interactions.

Hands-on examination of the process of telling journalistic stories through photography. Includes work in interviewing, topical research and image composition. 3 credits. January term or offered as needed.

Identity & Community in Rock & Roll
A survey of the historical progression of rock and roll from its pre-rock origins to the present. The course focuses on how rock music has given a voice and identity to various subcultures of the past 50 years, including hippies, punks, rappers, and Rastafarians.

A survey and application of theories and premises derived from rhetorical theory as well as behavioral and communication studies; emphasis on uses of persuasion in media and public relations efforts.

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Major & Minor Requirements

Students will complete the following requirements in order to achieve a major or minor in Public Relations. 

Career Opportunities

“What can you do with a Public Relations degree?”

As a Public Relations major, you will be prepared for a variety of interesting careers.

  • Social media manager
  • Event planner
  • Promotion specialist
  • Communication coordinator
  • Media relations director
  • Health care liaison
  • Crisis communication strategist
  • Speech writer
  • Community outreach coordinator
  • Sales coordinator

Supporting Your Investment

Loras takes great pride in supporting your investment – both through providing an exceptional learning experience and in sharing the cost of your degree. 100% of Loras students receive financial aid. We have scholarships, grants and special awards for all students based on their achievements and financial need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to earn my Loras degree?

Most students earn their undergraduate degree in four years or less. If you have questions about transferring any previously earned credits or degrees, please see our Transfer Student Information.

How much is tuition?

At Loras College, financial access to education is one of our defining values. We are committed to helping all of our students make their degree affordable. We partner with every student and family to understand their unique financial needs ensuring 100% of Loras students receive financial aid. Scholarships, grants and special awards are offered to all students based on their achievements and financial need. Loras is consistently ranked as one of the best universities for return on investment.  View our Tuition and Fees page.

How do I apply for schlarships and financial aid?

Submit your federal FAFSA, apply to Loras College and review our financial aid resources for detailed information, scholarship opportunities and much more.

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