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PR Club Meeting Strategy Sessions and Timeline


Zoom link for PR Club meetings 
Meeting ID: 916 7348 0118

  1. September 2: 7:15-8:00
    1. Introduction to the club, board, and semester-long strategic plan
  2. September 9: 7-8:30
    1. Brief summary of org history and accomplishments, including current budget and how things currently work in the organization
    2. Garner feedback on what stakeholders heard during step a. Are there huge holes in the organization? Primarily a listening session with Q & A.
    3. Example: What do stakeholders want to get out of the club? What do professionals and advisory board members think the club could/should be in order to be useful for students’ careers?
  3. September 23: 7-8:30
    1. Share any updates as a result of previous session
    2. Initial discussion of mission and values. What’s missing?
    3. What does/should a 5-year vision look like?
  4. October 7: 7-8:30
    1. Share updates as result of previous session
    2. Begin to brainstorm goals: yearly and 5-year
  5. October 21: 7-8:30
    1. Share updated goals
    2. Begin to brainstorm objectives (remembering that these are very specific and should have numbers and percentages)
    3. How will the club evaluate and assess the objectives?
  6. November 4: 7-8:30
    1. Share objectives from last session
    2. Begin to brainstorm strategies, both for the year and 5-year goals
  7. November 18: 7-8:30
    1. Share the strategies from last session
    2. Begin to brainstorm tactics for each of the strategies identified last session
  8. December 2: 7-8:30
    1. Present the draft strategic plan in its entirety and get feedback
    2. Be clear in exact steps for spring semester

Note: There’s a few things not listed above that will need to be developed (and these may be brought up during the sessions:

  1. Succession /mentoring plan
  2. DEI plan/statement

PR Quiz

One conclusion that can be drawn about the use of digital data is:

  1. If it is on the internet, it is considered public data.
  2. Using existing digital data is more ethical than asking people to complete a survey.
  3. False usernames can still be considered personally identifiable information.
  4. Researchers are not ethically bound to follow privacy settings.

Correct answer: 3

Meet the PR Club Leadership Team



Name: Carter Lee
Year: Junior
Majors: Public Relations, Marketing
This year I am serving as the President of the Loras College Public Relations Club. Other than the PRC I am also involved with FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) on campus. I am also currently interning at Kendall Hunt Publishing Company in the Higher Education Marketing Department. In my free time, you can catch me enjoying an iced coffee or playing intermural volleyball.


Name: Jonathan Guzman
Year: Senior
Major: Public Relations
I am one - fourth of the PR executive board and this is my second year serving as an officer. I am part of LULAC, Public Relations club and a Student Ambassador. I am aspiring to become a certified PR agent, open my own firm and help many different companies. After graduation, I plan on furthering my education and receiving my master’s degree and will always continue to learn.


Name: Ashley Kelly
Year: Junior
Major: Public Relations
I am the social media coordinator for PR club. I am a junior from Chicago, IL majoring in PR and minoring in media studies. Along with the PR Club, I am member of the Civic Leaders Program and Dance Marathon on campus.


Name: Matt Jordan
Year: Junior
Majors: Public Relations, Sport Management
I am the Vice President of the PR Club. I am a junior from Wheaton, IL, double majoring in Public Relations and Sports Management. I’m a member of the Loras Men’s Volleyball Team, the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), Du-Buddies, and the Sports Business Club, where I serve as Secretary.