Understand the thoughts behind people’s actions with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology

Are you interested in why people do what they do, and why the world works the way it does? With our Sociology major, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to understand how institutions and organizations shape individual life experiences, including systematically analyzing the behavior patterns of social, political, religious, educational and business organizations to identify the causes of problems such as violence, crime, divorce, poverty, racism, sexism and more.

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Our flexible curriculum encourages double majors and the exploration of topics relevant to our daily lives. We focus on inequality in the issues of race, gender and class through active, community-based learning, reflection and examination of current events. Graduates demonstrate the Loras mission of reflective thinking, active learning, responsible contributing and ethical decision-making.

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Why does the world work the way it does? Sociologists systematically analyze the behavior patterns of social, political, religious, educational, and business organizations. They conduct research and analyze theory to help identify the causes of social problems such as violence, crime, divorce, poverty, racism, and sexism.

Sociology provides skills and knowledge for understanding how institutions and organizations shape individual life experiences.

Our goal is to provide our students with opportunities to connect theory and research. We present a flexible curriculum meant to encourage double majors and exploration of topics relevant to our real lives. Our program has a focus on inequality, examining issues of race, gender, and class. Our courses offer opportunities for active learning (including community based learning in some cases), reflection on your own values and beliefs, and a chance to examine current social issues through readings, films, and other media. With a major in sociology, you will be prepared to demonstrate the Loras College mission of reflective thinking, active learning, responsible contributing, and ethical decision-making.

The Loras College Center for Experiential Learning can provide students with assistance in career counseling, gaining work experience via internships, and conducting a job search.

Many resources are available including employer literature, job listings, job shadowing, resume writing and interviewing materials.

Recent Sociology graduates have taken positions at:

Abused Women’s Shelter
Advanced Data Comm- Supervisor
Arthur Andersen- Researcher
Barnes and Noble- Asst Manager
Bremwood- Activities Director
Catholic Charities
Claims Adjustor
Clinton Community Care- Social Worker
Custom Concrete- HR Asst Director
Dubuque County Sheriff’s Department
Foster Care Review
Four Oaks
Harlem Ambassadors
Hillcrest Family Services
Hills and Dales
International Academy of Design- Recruiter
Office of Rep Stephen Freese
Peace Corps
Police Officer
Sunnycrest Manor

Student Learning Outcomes


Student Learning Outcomes – Sociology
1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the sociological imagination.
2. Students will apply sociological theory to real-world issues.
3. Students will write a literature review that demonstrates an ability to synthesize sociological research.
4. Students will write a literature review that demonstrates an ability to interpret theory.
5. Students will select and use an appropriate method for the research problem.
6. Students will properly interpret, discuss, and present results.



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Sociology of the Family
The primary goal in this course is to introduce and explore important issued related to the influential institution of the family. Social processes, myths, and problems facing contemporary families will be examined. While students will reflect on their own family experiences the course focuses on social structures that shape family life.

Race & Ethnicity
The primary emphasis in this course is on introducing and exploring important issues related to race and ethnicity in the United States. The course analyzes information comprehensively and includes historical evidence in order to better understand culture. Students will explore probable causes and consequences of inequality rooted in race/ethnicity. Students will incorporate an analysis of values, including understanding how personal and cultural values result from social forces and structures, into their examination of race and ethnicity.

Sociology of Popular Culture
Popular culture includes a wide variety of topics such as art, comic books, sports, hip-hop, clothes, movies, food, TV, or advertisements, and this course will draw on various sociological perspectives to critically evaluate the media as an influential social institution. This course will examine how popular culture is becoming increasingly central to social life in the United States and around the world and will consider issues related to race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and social class.

Social Inequality
This course will familiarize students with how systems of class, gender, racial, and sexual stratification operate in the United States. We will explore the construction, maintenance, and impact of inequality. While a great deal of the course will focus on social class, the intersection of all forms of inequality will be the primary focus of attention.

Social Movements
The primary focus of this course is the examination and application of social movement theory. Students will examine factors that influence movement emergence, culture, tactics, organizational strength, and outcomes. In doing so, they will assess the relative strength and weaknesses of social movement theory as they apply to a range of both progressive and conservative movements.

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Major & Minor Requirements

Students will complete the following requirements in order to achieve a major or minor in Sociology. 

Career Opportunities

“What can you do with a Sociology degree?”

As a graduate with a sociology degree, you will have a foundation for better understanding and engaging with the globalizing world. You will be equipped with the tools needed to make sense of the shifting social world and contribute solutions to difficult social problems. Though the word “sociology” might not be a part of many job descriptions, the skills and insights you gain from this field are useful in many different areas. Being able to understand and conduct research will give you an edge in the job market. Knowledge about key social factors and various group dynamics is helpful in most jobs where you’ll interact with others.

Given the breadth, adaptability and debth a Sociology major, career opportunities and employment sectors are endless:

  • social services
  • business positions
  • environmental planning
  • data analysis
  • urban and rural planning
  • non-profit work
  • government positions
  • ministry
  • law enforcement
  • legal services
  • education

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Loras takes great pride in supporting your investment – both through providing an exceptional learning experience and in sharing the cost of your degree. 100% of Loras students receive financial aid. We have scholarships, grants and special awards for all students based on their achievements and financial need.

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How long will it take me to earn my Loras degree?

Most students earn their undergraduate degree in four years or less. If you have questions about transferring any previously earned credits or degrees, please see our Transfer Student Information.

How much is tuition?

At Loras College, financial access to education is one of our defining values. We are committed to helping all of our students make their degree affordable. We partner with every student and family to understand their unique financial needs ensuring 100% of Loras students receive financial aid. Scholarships, grants and special awards are offered to all students based on their achievements and financial need. Loras is consistently ranked as one of the best universities for return on investment.  View our Tuition and Fees page.

How do I apply for schlarships and financial aid?

Submit your federal FAFSA, apply to Loras College and review our financial aid resources for detailed information, scholarship opportunities and much more.