Sport Management

Earn Your Bachelor’s in Sport Management from a Nationally Recognized Program

Get a Sport Management major from one of the leading programs in the Midwest. Our Sport Management students have the opportunity to network with sports business professionals across the nation through regional and national conferences, competitions, and course-related trips. The dynamic curriculum, dedicated faculty and experiential learning opportunities allows students to develop sports industry knowledge, ethical decision-making, and high-level communication skills.


Student Experience

Prepare to become an agent of change in the sports industry. Recent sport management major students have earned – and continue to earn – national awards in case study competitions, including the College Sport Research Institute Conference and the Sport Marketing Association Conference.

Gain substantial experience in the field prior to college graduation with a full-semester internship. Examples of recent internship placements include:

  • United States Olympic Committee
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • Cal Ripken Baseball Academy
Student Learning Outcomes


Student Learning Outcomes – Sport Management
1. Demonstrate an understanding of social, psychological, and international foundations of sport.
2. Demonstrate knowledge of the management of sport including operations, event, and governance.
3. Critique sport management decisions using ethical justifications including Catholic Social Teachings.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of sport marketing, sales, and sponsorship.
5. Examine finance, accounting, economic, and data analytic practices in the sport industry.
6. Demonstrate knowledge of the legal aspects of sport.


Students in the sport management degree program study the business side of the sports industry. The curriculum contains a combination of relevant coursework, applied learning, and field education.

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Women in Sport
Throughout history, women have “dared to compete” in sport. This course will examine the relationship between female athletes, sport, and community. A historical perspective of the origin and advancement of sport for women as influenced by religious, economic, political, cultural and ideological communities will be used to analyze the changing role of women. The interaction between women and socio-cultural communities in relation to sport participation will be examined, as exemplified, for example, in the struggle by women for involvement in the Olympics.

Sport Marketing & Promotions
This course is designed to assist students in creating and critiquing marketing, promotion and public relation efforts specific to sport. Emphasis will be placed on the five “p’s” of sport marketing: price, promotion, product, place and public relations. This course includes hands-on experience with market research and case studies to help students apply the material.

Sport Facility & Event Management
This study travel course will focus on sport facility management with a special emphasis on organizing events and mitigating associated risks. Topics include planning and producing an event, facility operations, financing facilities, legal aspects, crowd and emergency management, risk management, and the application of the Americans with Disability Act to sport facility and event management. Students will critically examine sport and event stadiums and arenas, interview facility operators, and evaluate stadium and arena risk management plans.

Ethics in Sports
Examination of the basic ethical principles and theories employed in the consideration of any moral issue and application to various moral dilemmas in the areas of sports and athletics, including gender equity, racial equity, competition and winning, academics and eligibility, sportsmanship, violence, performance-enhancing drugs, recreational drugs, commercialization in sport, amateurism and professionalism, and professional codes of ethics.

Sport & Society
An introduction into the relationships between sports, culture, and society. This course will examine the institution of sport using sociological theory to investigate the complex interaction between sport and society. Through the exploration of controversies within the realm of sport, students will gain insight into the purpose, meaning, and influence of sport in our culture. Students will examine the ways in which the prejudice and cultural trends of society are reflected within, and influence participation in, sport.

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Major Requirements

Sport management students will complete the following requirements in order to achieve a major in sport management.

Degree Requirements

Francis J. Noonan School of Business

Major Requirements for Sport Management (B.A.)

Career Opportunities

“What can I do with a Sport Management major?”

As a sport management student, you will be prepared for a variety of interesting careers (some may require additional degrees and licensing), including:

  • Athletic Director
  • Director of Athletic Capital Projects
  • Sales and Community Relations for professional, semi-professional or college teams
  • Social Media and Digital Content Marketer for athletic teams
  • Facilities and Operations Management

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