Music Minor - Vocal / Choral Emphasis

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The Vocal Music minor allows students to enhance their theoretical concepts allowing them to translate those concepts into sound, allowing participants to be in greater alignment with the best practices for vocal music minors across the country.

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Music Theory I & II
This course offers an integrated presentation of the fundamental materials of music,including but not limited to, ear-training, sight-singing, harmony, chord recognition and analysis, musical forms, elementary orchestration and beginning composition.

World Music and Cultures
Through studying selected music and musical traditions from around the world, this course explores the ways that music is both shaped by and gives shape to the cultural settings in which it is performed. Specific case studies will be examined through listening, research, analysis, reflection and classroom instruction.

Aural Skills I & II
These courses will reinforces concepts learned in music theory by developing the essential skill of turning printed music into sound, focusing on the foundational material of keys, scales, and diatonic music. The initial course will introduce aural skills through well-established ear-training tools such as solfege, count-singing, rhythmic and melodic dictation, and duet work. The advanced course will reinforce theoretical concepts such that it will become possible for students to translate those concepts to sound, identify those concepts in performance, and ultimately use their aural skills to be more successful musicians, teachers, and performers.

The Jazz Experience
The Jazz Experience is a January term study/travel course that focuses on the performance of jazz styles in instrumental and vocal music. Students spend the first week of the course on campus learning several jazz styles through intensive rehearsals and listening episodes. The following weeks are spent traveling and performing.

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Vocal Music Minor Requirements

Requirements for the minor in Music-Vocal/Choral Emphasis

Req Course Cr’s
1 Music Theory I-EC 3
2 Music Theory II 3
3 Aural Skills I 1
4 Aural Skills II 1
5 Western European Music History from Antiquity through 1750 3
Select one from Req 6
6 Western European Music History from 1750 through Today 3
6 World Music and Cultures-AC 3
7 Voice 6
8 Vocal Techniques 1
9 Music Ensembles: From L.MUS-183 to 186 4
10 Recital 0
25 total required credits

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