Welcome Duhawks!

New-Student Resources

We’re excited for your arrival on campus!

Like many new students you might be a little overwhelmed or have so many questions you just don’t know where to start. Take a deep breath and let us help prepare you for the big move. Below is some information to help you get prepared for the first day of classes on Thursday, August 26, 2021.


First day of classes is Thursday, August 26th

Laptop Sound Setup for Zoom

Loras College Orientation: Laptop Sound Setup for Zoom

  • Go to Settings  > System  > Sound
  • Under Output click Device Properties
  • In Device properties click Additional device properties
  • Click the Advanced tab
  • Uncheck “Allow hardware acceleration of audio with this device” and “Enable audio enhancements.”
  • Click OK
  • Go back to Sound
  • Under Input click Device Properties
  • In Device properties click Additional device properties
  • Click the Advanced tab
  • Uncheck “Enable audio enhancements.”
  • Click OK
Academic Internships

The video below provides a preview of our Academic Internship opportunities.



Academic Support

Loras College provides academic support to students in a variety of ways.

Supplemental Instruction:
Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic assistance program targets traditionally difficult academic subjects and provides regularly scheduled (1-3 sessions per week), out-of-class, non-mandatory, peer facilitated sessions. SI is for everyone — not just for students who might be struggling.

Writing Center:
Writing tutors are trained to work with students to help them improve their writing skills.

Math Lab:
Math professors dedicate a few of their office hours a week to being in the Math Lab to help students.

Academic Success Support:
Academic Counseling, Support and Coaching is done by the Academic Success Coordinator who meets regularly with students as needed. Meetings range from talking through what’s coming up for the week in terms of homework, quizzes, to time management training, test-taking tips, note taking, etc.

If a student has tried other support measures and would like extra help then he/she can request a tutor through her/his respective professor or through Academic Success Coordinator, Dan Mulligan.

Lynch Learning Center:
The Loras College Lynch Learning Center is available for students with disabilities.


Campus Communication

Loras email is our primary means of communicating and contacting with you over the summer.  After you are assigned an official Loras email account (assigned during your orientation session), please make sure you check it weekly over the summer and daily once on campus.

There are a variety of  tools available to facilitate communicate with your peers, professors, coaches, advisors, etc.

  • Email – Primary campus communication tool
  • SnapChat
    • You will receive a SnapChat invite from your Engaging Differences course peer advisor – please accept immediately
  • Social Media – Campus news, events, organization information and much more
  • Registrar will email you your official schedules and other important academic information
  • Website
  • Business office notices and billing information will be emailed monthly
Center for Inclusion and Advocacy

The Center for Inclusion and Advocacy is located in the Alumni Campus Center. The Center provides a welcoming environment for students, faculty, staff and community members. We are dedicated to educating, training and providing an inclusive space for all levels of cultural development. Through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Center serves as a safe space and ally to the LGBTQIA+ community.

For more information, click the button below.
Center for Inclusion and Advocacy Information

Counseling Services

How We Can Help?

What types of issues are commonly seen by the counselors at Loras?  Students often come to the Counseling Center to help them deal with things that are interfering with their ability to be successful in college. Common issues seen in the center including anxiety, depression, issues of adjustment, grief and loss, family problems, relationship issues, eating disorders, substance abuse, trauma, learning differences, stress, and much more.

How do I know if my student needs counseling?  Students can benefit from counseling if the stress that they are experiencing is making it difficult for them to perform to their ability academically, socially, emotionally, physically or if they are considering leaving Loras.

How does my student go about making an appointment with the Counseling Center?  Students can drop by the Counseling Center on the 4th floor of the Alumni Campus Center or email borelli@loras.edu or elizabeth.ramos@loras.edu.

Will anyone find out if my student accesses services through the Counseling Center? Will the counselor notify me if there are concerns about my student? If the student is not a risk to themselves or others, no one will know that the student has been to counseling without the student’s permission. Because students are usually 18 years or older, parents are not contacted without a release of information from the student.

Can my student afford counseling?  Counseling Services are free to students. If a referral is given for outside services, students may often use their insurance or pay out of pocket.

How do I know if counseling can help my student? Counseling provides a safe place for students to process issues with a professional and make a plan going forward to minimize stress. Sessions typically last about 50 minutes but don’t always last this long. Sessions can be held once or ongoing throughout the school year, depending on need. The best way to know whether counseling is appropriate for a student is to have them make an appointment.

For additional information or questions, contact tricia.borelli@loras.edu.

Follow the buttons below to read how parents can adjust to their student moving away to college.

How Parents Adjust


Cómo los padres se adaptan cuando sus estudiantes se mudan a la universidad


Financial Aid & Billing

We strongly encourage taking time to talk with staff in our Financial Planning Office. This is a great opportunity to walk through your Financial Aid Award Letter, payment plans and what to expect during your time at Loras.

Click the button below to sign up for a 30 minute meeting with a Financial Aid representative.

Financial Aid Meeting Sign up

If you haven’t already, please sign and send your financial aid award letter back via mail, fax or email.

View Loan Options for Students

Loras College Office of Financial Planning
1450 Alta Vista St.
Dubuque, IA 52001



Business Office Information & Billing
Preview our Undergraduate Billing & Payment
Procedure PDF
  for information regarding our Business Office, payment plans and billing policies.

Student Account Setup Instructions & Business Office Information 

Instructions for setting up your student account login and password.


Tuition Insurance Options
Loras has partnered with GradGuard™ to offer Tuition Insurance. Plans are completely optional.

Learn More



Order Bed Lofts

Bed lofts are available and may be ordered online at www.bedloft.com.

Orders must be submitted by August 20th.

Order or Rent Your Books

You can now RENT your books.

Order or rent your college books through the Loras College Barnes & Noble Bookstore www.loras.bncollege.com.

Residence Life & Campus Safety

We’re so excited for those who have chosen to living on campus! If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to log into your Residence account and complete your Housing Application. You can choose your meal plan right on your application. If you have questions, or are experiencing any difficulties, please email residence@loras.edu

Be on the lookout for an email with housing application and unique housing login instructions. If you have not received your housing application, please email residence@loras.edu.

Loras’ residence halls provide an environment of opportunities where students value active learning, reflective thinking, ethical decision making and can be responsible contributors to our community. It’s a place where you meet many people, different from yourself. It is where lifelong friendships are made. Typically, first year students reside in Traditional Residence Halls. Students can live in Alternative Housing when the required number of credits have been earned.

Housing assignments will be sent out by June 30th, so please watch your emails for more information!

Wondering what you should bring to make your room feel more like home? Please see our  Suggested Packing List which includes refrigerator and microwave requirements!

An AC (Area Coordinator) manages the hall with the help of the student staff. The AC is responsible for advising, counseling, handling conduct issues and providing an environment that will help residents grow academically and personally. An RA (Resident Advisor) is a student staff member. There is usually one RA per floor, and they are responsible for developing community. They assist the AC with programming encourage involvement, deal with conduct issues, assist with community standards and are a great resource for students.

Mid-June make sure to check your email for housing assignment and roommate information. If you have questions regarding your housing assignment please contact residence@loras.edu.

If you’d like to rent a bedloft or a microfridge, you can do so at bedloft.com after you receive your housing assignment. Additional information can be found on www.bedloft.com. *Please note: All lofts must be ordered through www.bedloft.com.*

Loft Outside Measurements
Length: 82”
Width: 41.25″

Loft Inside Measurements
Length: 78.75”
Width: 39.375”
Height: 54″/60″

Loft Shelf Dimensions
Length: 15”
Width: 8″

Please Note: The dimensions below are approximate as the actual size of each room can vary.

Beckman Hall Double RoomBeckman Double
14 ½ ‘X 10 ½’

Beckman Hall QuadBeckman Quad
17’ X 23’

Beckman Hall SuiteBeckman Hall Suite (1st Room)
17’ X 16’

Beckman Suite Beckman Hall Suite (2nd Room)
17’ X 10’

Binz Hall DoubleBinz Hall Double
20 ½’ X 8’

Rohlman Double
9 ½’ X 17 ½’

Rohlman Single
8 ½’ X 12’

Visit loras.edu/housing for more information on housing or feel free to contact us with your specific questions.

Campus Safety and Security is located at 530 Alumni Campus Center (ACC). Office Hours: 8am to 4:30pm. 563-588-7114 Security@Loras.edu

Visit us on the “Life@Loras” app

  • For 24 Hour Safety /Security Services Call the Information Desk (563) 588-7100 or dial 0 from any Campus Phone. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY CALL 911.
  • Room Lockouts Call (563) 588-7100 or 0 from a Campus Phone. The 1st is a no-charge, the 2nd is a $10.00 fee, the 3rd is a $20.00 fee and a $30.00 fee for each additional lockout.
  • Police non-emergency number is (563)589-4415
  • Loras Counseling Center (563) 588-7085 or (563) 588-7024
  • Loras Health Center (563) 588-7142
  • Residence Life (563) 588-7060
  • Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Coordinator Nancy Fett (563) 588-7029
  • Suicide 24 hour help line (855) 800-1239 or http://iowahelpline.org/
  • Iowa Sexual Assault 24 hour help line (888) 557-0310
  • YMCA Domestic Violence Program (563) 556-1100
  • Mercy Medical Center (563) 589-8000
  • Unity Point Health Center (563) 582-1881
  • The Jule, a free Bus service for Loras students for schedules and routes.  http://www.cityofdubuque.org/274/Transit

To report a safety concern, suspicious incident, crime, or physical, emotional and/or academic well-being of a fellow Duhawk, please submit a report and the appropriate staff will reach out to that student.

“Safe Walks” a free 24 hour Escort service for Students, Faculty and Staff.  Just phone the information desk at (563) 588-7100 or 0 from a campus phone to have a Safety Officer dispatched and walk you safely to your destination.

Parking Permits:  All full-time students – Autos $ 120 .00 per year / Motorcycles – $120.00 per year. Long Term / Commuter Parking – $60.00 (Keane Lower Lot). Part-time non-resident students (less than 12 credits) – $60.00 per year. Temp Pass – $5.00 per week.

Student Identification Cards: A student ID is issued to all first year students at no cost.  The replacement cost for a lost or stolen card is $10.00 which is billable to their student account. These cards can be used as a valid photo ID.  Campus uses include bookstore, C-store purchases, library check-out, meal plans, Einstein Bagel Shop and Athletic Wellness Center.

Access Fobs:  An access fob is issued to all residential students at no cost.  The replacement cost for a lost or stolen fob is $15.00 which is billable to their student account. These fobs are used to access residential housing or in “special access” situations.

Federal regulations dictate that all campus crime and fire statistics be available to the general public. Campus Safety compiles these statistics by calendar year and posts them to the government website for Clery reporting as well as on the Loras website at loras.edu/clery.

Maps & Directions: Visit https://www.loras.edu/about/maps-and-directions for printable and on screen maps.

We are looking forward to your arrival on campus! Go Duhawks!

Required Health Form

Send your immunization records and completed health forms (see links to health forms below) to the Loras College Health Center by fax, mail, email (Deadline August 31st).

Loras College Health Center
1450 Alta Vista #160
Dubuque, Iowa 52001





As part of our commitment to health and wellness promotion, we want to ensure that students are protected against communicable disease. Complete and return the Required Health Information Form including a copy of your insurance card and your vaccine record to the Loras College Health Center via mail, fax or email. Your physician’s office, high school or state health department may have a copy of your vaccine record.

Required Health Information Form

Meningococcal Disease Information

Health Requirements for Students Letter

Athletes Only: Athletic Training Forms

While we only require two MMR immunizations, we highly recommend that students be immunized for meningitis. Talk to your physician about the benefits of receiving the vaccination.

REMEMBER: Must have your immunizations turned in to the health center prior to the day of class.

Student Athletes

Athletic Training paperwork must be completed online by July 31. This MUST be completed online – we can  not accept paper copies.  https://duhawks.com/sports/2018/12/10/athletictraining-award.aspx?id=93

All first-year student-athletes must log into the AT portal (https://duhawks.com/sports/2018/12/10/athletictraining-award.aspx?id=93)

    • Student HIPPA (online form)
    • Parent HIPPA (online form)
    • Medical History (online form)
    • Medical Consent (online form)
      • Acceptance of Risk (online form)
      • Physical (upload to portal)
      • Insurance card (upload to portal)
      • Sickle cell result / waiver (upload to portal)
      • Medical exception (upload to portal, optional if not on prescription)
    • Physicals – due to COVID-19 please send in all forms and provide proof of physical until you can get a new physical. We must have a physical on file for student athlete to participate in practice or competition.
  • Academics and Athletics
    All student athletes must be enrolled minimum 12 credits to be eligible

    • Attendance is crucial
      • According to NCAA rules, student athletes will only miss class for competitions – not practices, lifting sessions, film sessions or any other team activities.
      • Communication with professors is very important as a student athlete…Student athletes should identify their potential misses during the semester and visit with professors the first day of class.  Your coaches will assist in them in their first team meeting.
    • Encourage students to ask for help early instead of later in semester. We have many resources designed to help them succeed academically. It is sometimes difficult to ask for help, however that is why we are here. Our goal is to guide students through four years of college life.
    • Coaches will receive mid-term grades, and many do grade checks throughout semester.  Some teams will have study tables. Coaches have the autonomy to do what works best their team.
Student Employment / Work Study

Work study and on-campus student employment allows students to gain valuable work experience and responsibility, develop professional skills, and obtain a competitive advantage in the job search.

Make sure you bring your social security card and a photo ID with you when you meet with Human Resources. Loras will keep this information on file as it is required in order to obtain campus employment. For more information please contact Rose Bakey (Rose.Bakey@loras.edu)

Additionally: You will need to know the last 4 digits of your social security number to get your Loras laptop computer. 

Study Away Information

The video below provides a preview of our Study Away opportunities.



Transcripts / Test Scores

Don’t forget to send your final high school transcripts and all AP test scores, dual credit or college transcripts to the Loras College Registrar’s office.

Loras College Registrar
1450 Alta Vista Street
Dubuque, IA  52001


What to bring

Wondering what you should bring to make your room feel more like home? Please see the Packing List below for some suggestions, as well as refrigerator and microwave requirements!

Packing List Suggestions
Meet Your Orientation Leaders

2020 Orientation Leaders

Rebecca Nonnenmann

Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Sociology
Year in School: Junior
Involvements: DM, Education Club
Favorite thing about Loras: The people! Everyone at Loras is so welcoming and truly wants you to be successful. When you become a Duhawk, you become a part of the Loras family forever and that is felt during your time here.
Advice: Do not be afraid to ask for help! Everyone on campus is so willing to set you up with resources, provide you with a new opportunity, or just be a listening ear when you need it.

Marion Edwards

Major: Media Studies
Year in School: Junior
Involvement: Track and Field, Black Student Union
Favorite thing about Loras:
Favorite thing about Loras: My favorite thing about Loras is definitely the personalized experience that they offer. I think that one of the greatest benefits of going to a small institution such as Loras is being able to have a close and personalized connection with your professors. Professors at Loras are truly dedicated to their areas of study and are there to help you succeed in your studies and in life.
Advice: College is an experience and the best way to have a great experience is to allow yourself to be open to those experiences. Get out of your dorm room and join different organizations/clubs. Get involved with the community and learn more about people in the process.

Claire Siegert

Major: Business Administration and Marketing
Minor: Analytics
Involvements: PBL Business Club, PR Club, Orientation Leader
Favorite thing about Loras: Homecoming and the Dessert
Advice: Take advantage of office hours to get to know your professors.


Lauren Krapfl

Major: Social Work and Sociology
Year: Junior
Involvements: Dance Marathon and Social Work Council
Favorite thing about Loras: What I love most about Loras is the welcoming atmosphere. Since the moment I set foot on campus, I have felt like I am home. Everywhere you turn there is a friendly Duhawk smile waiting to make your day and help you through anything! We truly are a family here at Loras, and for that, I will be forever grateful!
Advice: Get to know the faculty and staff on campus! While part of being a Duhawk is connecting with students, the faculty and staff members are also a huge part of the Loras campus. Some of the greatest relationships you will have are with those other than you peers; these individuals will help you excel academically, professionally, and in every aspect of life!

Catherine Klostermann

Major: Social work
Minor: Catholic Studies
Year: Senior
Involvements: Art Club, Praise and Worship team, FOCUS
Favorite thing about Loras: The supportive community!
Advice: Develop a strong group of friends; having a good network of friends is important to keep you active on and off campus. They can even help you stay on track with your studies.

Gillian Wedlake

Major: Elementary Education
Year: Junior
Involvements: Year Experience Coordinator, Loras Ambassador, and Orientation Leader
Favorite thing about Loras: The people and the Café.
Advice: Remember it takes everyone a different amount of time to adjust to college and do not be afraid to be open and meet everyone.

Prosper Arhin Anane:

Major: Biochemistry
Year of School: 2023
Involvements: RA, BSU, Habitat for Humanity
Favorite thing about Loras: Professors offer enough time for assistance
Advice: Stay focus and true to yourself.

Annika Sunleaf

Majors: Social Work and Sociology
Year: Senior
Involvements: Resident Advisor, Peer Advisor, Social Work Club
Favorite thing about Loras: Beckman Hall
Advice: College goes by fast, so embrace every moment.

Matt Bandy:

Major: Business Administration
Year: Junior
Involvements: Track and Field, Basketball
Favorite thing about Loras: The people and the community!
Advice: Learn/practice good time management so you get ahead rather than fall behind early on.

Dominque Jeter
Major: Elementary Education with Early Childhood Endorsement
Year: Senior
Involvements: Black Student Union, First Generation Scholars Program, CAB, RA
Favorite thing about Loras: The relationships you build with faculty and homecoming.
Advice: Use a planner or some type of organize (Outlook). They will become your best friend! It is also okay to feel homesick but you will love your new Duhawk family. We are here for you.

Ellie Osterberger:

Major: Psychology and Social Work
Year: Junior
Involvements: Track, Cross Country, Dance Marathon
Favorite thing about Loras: My favorite things about Loras are the people and the atmosphere. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and it makes me feel like I am right at home.
Advice: Take advantage of every opportunity that you have and do not be afraid to put yourself out there and meet new people!

Anna McInville

Major: Elementary Education
Year: Junior
Involvements: Dance Marathon, Education Club, Honors Program
Favorite thing about Loras: I love the welcoming and positive attitudes of everyone on campus.
Advice: Leave your door to your room open for the first couple of weeks of school. I met so many new people by leaving my door open.

Patricia Droessler

Major: Biology
Year: Junior
Involvements: CAB, Student Union, Residence Life, LEAF, Student Ambassador, and Cheerleading
Favorite thing about Loras: One of the reasons that I love Loras is because of how small it is. No matter where you are on campus, you are going to know someone and it is super easy to find and make friends.
Advice: When you get here, get active in the Loras community, but do not overwhelm yourself with activities. Add activities slowly after you know that you can handle them on top of everything else and remember your schoolwork should always come first!

Questions? Let’s get in touch.


If you have a question, please feel free to contact us at the phone number or email address below.

Kelsey Callahan
Assistant Director of Student Life