Loras College Hosts
Third Annual Legacy Ball

Loras College Hosts Third Annual Legacy Ball

By Madison Tolley (’19)

On the evening of May 3, Loras College held its third annual Legacy Ball. As one of the College’s most memorable events of the year, this year’s Ball, A Diamond Celebration, auctioned off one-of-a-kind experiences such as an oceanfront oasis, club seat tickets to a Packers game, a private dinner with Loras College President Jim Collins (’84), and more. It was a night of laughter, raffles, and excitement. Most importantly, it was a night of raising funds for current and future Duhawks, with generous donors providing funds for scholarships, financial aid, and resources to improve educational programs here at Loras.

With each year, the Legacy Ball continues to grow. The Ball has become a  signature fundraising event for the College. At first, people were unsure what to expect. And now, people travel throughout the U.S. to participate.

Additionally, this event showcases Loras’ tight-knit community. Sponsored by local companies and Loras-affiliated families, the event would not have been possible without the support from the Dubuque community and from volunteers John Schmidt, Creed Waelchli (97), Susan Steele, Martha Doyle, Amy Printz (’08), and Jeff Potts (’82). These individuals dedicate their time throughout the year to ensure the Ball’s success. We are fortunate to have their leadership.

This year, over 200 guests attended, raising over $275,000 for the College. The Ball has, and will continue to have, a profound impact across the campus, enhancing the lives of students both in and outside of the classroom. Without the scholarships made possible by this event, life at Loras would be drastically different — or even impossible — for some students.

Abbey Allgeyer (’20), the oldest of seven kids in her family, knew affording college would be difficult, especially after hearing news that her mother was diagnosed with cancer. When Allgeyer found out she received a scholarship allowing her to attend Loras, she said, “It was something sent from God, as my family would say. I was extremely grateful, not only that I would have the opportunity to continue my education, but also for my family not to have that [financial] burden.”

“I would like to think that my story is a rare one,” Allgeyer stated, “but I know that other families go through the same thing. People giving to scholarships gives people like me hope for what is to come.”

Mark your calendars, next year’s Legacy Ball will be held on May 1, 2020.