Loras College Television [LCTV] earns Television Station of the Year for the 11th straight year.

Once again, the Loras Media Studies program claimed the top award at the Iowa College Media Association awards ceremony in Des Moines on February 6th.

Loras College Television was named Television Station of the Year for the 11th straight year. 18 students took home at total of 19 awards, including First Place in 10 out of 11 categories.

Here’s the complete list of Loras winners.

ICMA 2019 TV Station of the Year
LCTV – Loras College

Best Newscast
1st Place – Loras College, LCTV – LCTV News – Producer: Amber Krieg; Anchors: Maggie Wedlake & Asia Singleton
Honorable Mention – Loras College, LCTV – SportsZONE: Producers: Nate Kaiser & Dana Majerczyk; Anchors: Nate Kaiser & Pat Hunt

Best News Programming
1st Place – Loras College, LCTV – LCTV LIVE Holiday Show

Best News, Public Affairs, or Sports Storytelling Package
1st Place – Peace of My Mind – Maggie Wedlake

Best Entertainment Storytelling Package
1st Place – SportsZONE Diving Sports Challenge – Pat Hunt, Ben Burkholder, Nate Kaiser
3rd Place – Coffee with Coach: Brit Kent – Ben Burkholder, Dana Majerczyk

Best Variety, Music, or Comedy Program
1st Place – Loras Football vs. Benedictine 9/14/19 – Commentary: Pat Hunt & Nate Kaiser, Director/TD: Jon Quinn

Best Short Documentary
1st Place – Ana Maria – Laura Cifuentes-Almanza
2nd Place – The Chef: Luke Lessei – Colton Bachar, Ed Cromwell

Best Promo, Commercial, or PSA
1st Place – LabStrong Commercial – Ben Friedman
3rd Place – LCTV Be A Part of the Team Promo – Matt Golubski

Best Experimental Video
1st Place – Notes from the Road – Seth Kilburg
2nd Place – “Rings of Saturn” Music Video – Colton Bachar
3rd Place – “Cake” Lyric Video – Amber Krieg

Best Corporate Video
1st Place – The SiPN Experience: A Weekend in Madeira Island – Ben Friedman
3rd Place – Noteworthy – Morgan Minear

Best Short Film
1st Place – A Love Affair (In Brief) – Amber Krieg, Caroline Breitbach
3rd Place – Sliced – Amber Krieg, Caroline Breitbach, Sarah Mueller, Michael Runde, Jon Quinn, Laura Cifuentes-Almanza

Congratulations to all our winners!

(Front Row, L-R) Hope Ehling, Morgan Minear, Asia Singleton, Mikailah Shealer, Marion Edwards, and Lauren Peterson.
(Back Row, L-R) Kourtney Huppert, Morgan Schueller, Kamaya Spearman, Jon Quinn, Dana Majerczyk, EJ Greenberg, and Nate Kaiser.