A new www.loras.edu

The web is an important destination for those making decisions about higher education. Loras recently completed a web redesign to meet our potential students where they are—mobile!

The new loras.edu was created to deliver a more modern, user friendly experience that offers a strong representation of the Loras brand and allows responsive, optimal viewing and interactivity on a multiple devices (desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones).

Its design is intended to engage site visitors with experiential approach methods like increased graphics, video, touch scrolling vertically and horizontally, and compelling storytelling.

“The new Loras website experience gives our audiences a user-friendly, immersive experience that shares the Loras story in a compelling and engaging way.  We truly wanted to meet our constituents where they are and providing mobile-friendly access was a critical part of this new offering,” explained Sue Hafkemeyer, director of communications.

Check it out from your favorite device: www.loras.edu

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