Loras Engineering Program ABET accreditation

The  Loras College’s engineering program is certified by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.  ABET certifies more than 3,100 programs in the United States and 24 countries. The commission evaluated Loras on factors such as curriculum, faculty, institutional support, facilities and student outcomes. In its program, Loras fulfilled the standards of an integrated curriculum that enforces mathematics, sciences and engineering topics linked with strong analysis and complex design components.

Our ABET accreditation ensures our Engineering program meets the highest quality standards.  We are one of only a few Engineering programs in Iowa accredited by ABET.

Loras Engineering Program Mission
The engineering program engages students in a rigorous, challenging, and comprehensive study of the fundamentals in engineering, mathematics, and science required to analyze, design, build, test and operate electromechanical systems in a manner that emphasizes interdisciplinary leadership that contributes to the profession and to society.

Loras College offers a high quality education with a small school atmosphere.

  • Dedicated Engineering Faculty who all have a Ph.D. degrees and industrial experience at such companies as Dow, IBM, Trane, and Stinar.
  • Most Engineering majors apply classroom concepts during internships. These internships are typically done in the summer. The proximity to employers means that students can also work at an internship part-time while still in school.
  • Students engage in design projects starting during the first year and continuing to the major senior design project.