Alexander Rhomberg Earns Scholarship with Essay

Alexander Rhomberg (’21)

Alexander Rhomberg (’21) earned the Tolerance Means Scholarship for his essay on the importance of tolerance and acceptance for all humans.

The essay, entitled “We Love Others for Their Differences,” looks at the global struggles that have historically resulted as a result of intolerance for others beliefs or lifestyles. Rhomberg looks at how the United States has made strides to becoming a more accepting place, while identifying the long road that still remains.

“Tolerance is only present when one can love a person for who they are,” he writes, “not just accepting their presence, but loving them as human beings and admiring the beauties behind their differences.

“Without tolerance we would be reduced to a collection of individuals, each out for him or herself. Isolated viewpoints would be so strong that we would not be able to share love, a result of our desire for worldly perfection by similarity of self. In contrast, the beauty of tolerance can be witnessed through our ability to live together and love each other because of our differences.”

The award also allowed Rhomberg to speak as part of the Tolerance Matters event on campus hosted by the Intercultural Programs Office in April. The event provided the campus community a forum to discuss religious liberty and LGBT rights.

Rhomberg’s essay is available to read on the Tolerance Means website.