Alumni Helping the Loras Recruiting Effort

Brody Kuhar (’18) and Genevieve Brockway (’18) represented Loras at a local college fair in Memphis, Tenn.

As they work to attract new students to attend Loras College, the Admission Department has received significant assistance through the efforts of alumni across the country.

Alumni engagement has increased for the 2019-20 recruitment season with more Duhawks helping to introduce students to Loras College. Over the past 18 months, alumni have helped out at 15 college fairs as far as Nevada and Texas.

“We more than doubled the number of alumni-covered college fairs from last fall,” Joan (Havel) Schaefer (‘89), admission event recruit coordinator, said. “We love that Duahwks feel the desire to pay it forward.”

In late September, Brody Kuhar (’18) attended a college fair in Memphis with Genevieve Brockway (’18) to help introduce Loras College to a new audience. By the time he  finished, 12 students had filled out inquiry cards to learn more about his alma mater.

“The experience was smooth, everyone was welcoming, and people were interested,” Kuhar explained. “Our marketing items on the table grab people’s attention when they’re walking around. The students who come up seem to be very engaged and interested in what Loras has to offer.”

Kuhar works with fellow Duhawks Lauren (Squires) Ready (’08), Julie White (’17) and Jack Sarcone (‘18) at Ready’s video production company, Forever Ready Productions, LLC. In 2018, the entire team attended the same fair to help promote Loras College.

“People in the Mid-South don’t really know much about the Midwest and definitely don’t know anything about Loras,” Kuhar said. “It has been a goal on my team of Duhawks in Memphis to get one student to attend Loras. That’s a pretty cool thing to strive towards and so it’s well worth my time to go to high schools in the area to spread the word about Loras College.”

The process for alumni to assist at college fairs is straightforward. Those willing to attend a local event receive a box with all the necessary materials they will need, including a table cover and marketing materials. At the college fair, they talk to students about Loras College and gather contact information from students interested in learning more. Once the event is over, the box gets mailed back to Loras.

For Kuhar, it was a unique experience to explain Loras College and Iowa to an audience that was unfamiliar to them.

“For the most part, the students show interest and are open to the possibility of Loras being their college. They have a lot of questions and many of them love the athletic scene that Loras has to offer. Students here have a  limited familiarity with Loras and Iowa. It’s a foreign place for people in Memphis. I firmly believe that there is a lot of potential for Loras to have an influence in Memphis though.”

It was easy for Kuhar to engage with the students as it allowed him to share his experiences and spread the word about Loras.

“I love Loras and know that the overwhelming majority of kids who commit to Loras will have as good of an experience as I did.”

Any alumni interested in helping to represent Loras College at local college fairs may contact Joan Schaefer at