Alumni Referral Leads to a New Duhawk


Maddie Reavley (’23)

A simple suggestion can have a tremendous impact on someone’s life. First year student, Maddie Reavley (’23) is living proof of that. Her grandfather and two aunts graduated from Loras, but the idea of following in their footsteps didn’t cross her mind until last year, after a suggestion from her aunt.

Her initial college search left her wanting something more, so, at her father’s suggestion, Maddie texted her aunt Jeni (Reavley) Rogers (’86), who shared her experience at Loras.

“Just the things she was saying about it, Jeni seemed to really enjoy her years at Loras,” Maddie said. “She spoke very highly of it and she didn’t know I was interested.”

While her family has a handful of Loras graduates among the ranks, her interest was sparked by that conversation. After a visit to campus, Maddie was sold on Loras.

“When I was looking at other colleges nothing really felt right. At Loras it just clicked.”

“My brother (John Reavley, ’92) called me and said, ‘I think Maddie wants to go to Loras,’” Jeni said. “She took a tour and fell in love with it. She said how nice everyone was. There’s just an atmosphere at Loras that draws you in. I’m just amazed at how I felt when I visited and that she had the same experience.”

Jeni attended Loras with her twin sister, Laura (Reavley) Breeser (’86), as did their father, John Reavley (’63). Receiving word from her niece that she would also be a Duhawk was a proud moment.

“I remember she called me and was screaming and crying and I started crying when she got the acceptance letter.”

As she prepares for her first year at Loras, Maddie is eager for things to get underway.

“I’m mostly excited about the college experience and I’m really excited for classes because the professors all seem very nice. Everyone is so welcoming. I’ve been told Loras is like a big hug.”

Alumni referrals keep the Loras experience going from generation to generation.  So share your Loras pride with friends, relatives, co-workers and anyone you spend time with. If you think of a high school student who would be a great fit at Loras…tell us about them by referring a student today.