Andrew Martinez (’23) in Europe on a high school trip. 

In a hotel room last year, Andrew Martinez (’23) awoke at 3 a.m. to an urgent call from Sylma Wingard, a senior admission representative at Loras College.

“At that time in the morning, I wasn’t expecting it. I had taken a trip to Europe for my birthday as part of a high school trip,” Andrew said.

Sylma, however, needed his National Alumni Board Scholarship application. “She said, ‘I need you to send me this signed and everything right now, as soon as you possibly can,'” Andrew said.

Andrew, who graduated from high school in Phoenix, is glad he got up, completed the application online and sent it from the hotel lobby.

“The National Alumni Board scholarship ended up being what brought me to Loras College,” he said. “I remember receiving the news that I got the scholarship. Until then, I was up in the air with my options because financial aid and costs were big issues for me.”

Andrew’s father Luis owns a beverage-manufacturing business, Señor Chelada. His mother, Martina, works as a receptionist at a dental office and helps with the family business, which is also where Andrew is working for the summer. His goal is to graduate from Loras with majors in business administration and sociology and a possible minor in Spanish. After Loras, he plans to go to law school at Arizona State University.

“After I graduate from Loras, I’ll work for my dad, as well just so I can get an income through law school,” he said. “I don’t want to move back home. I don’t want to be that kid who graduated from college and moved back in with mom and dad.”

Regardless of where life takes him, he always will be grateful for his education and the many opportunities Loras has offered him.

“From the very start, I knew I wanted to live on campus in the residence halls,” he said. “I came from a high school of 400 students, so I was used to a smaller school environment, a smaller community. Everybody at Loras has made me feel welcome. We’re all here to get an education. We’re all here to get involved.”

It has been even better than what he expected.

“I went from being on my own with my roommate the first week of school to being a peer advisor to joining the College Activities Board and being a board member and being a member of the League of United Latin American Citizens,” he said. “It has all been a great experience.”

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